Aerospace Molded Rubber Components

Since 1961 Vip Rubber and Plastic has specialized in custom rubber and plastic products that fit the exacting needs of companies involved in then general aerospace industry and aircraft manufacturing and services. We are proud to be a trusted supplier to many of the top aerospace organizations and are a qualified parts provider for several Boeing material specifications. Our extreme attention to quality, paired with over half a century of experience, has allowed us to become an AS9100 certified supplier, providing you with the highest level of manufacturing excellence.

Quality is Our First Concern

Rubber and plastic parts used in the aerospace industry must have characteristics with wide and dependable performance ranges not always required in other industries. High durability, excellent weathering ability, wide and sudden variations in temperature and a high resistance to oil, gases, and fire are critical for aircraft and passenger safety.

As an ISO9001 supplier, our quality system holds us to the highest standards. This means you can trust us to provide high-quality parts that meet your needs. And with our modern lab facilities, custom compounding capabilities, stringent testing methods, material traceability and expert manufacturing of custom parts, we understand the needs of the aerospace industry and provide highly durable, safe, long-lasting parts that are cost effective for your application.

Custom Parts for a Changing Industry

As the aerospace industry becomes more competitive with more private companies moving into new commercial paths created by the global economy and advances in technology, it is more important than ever to work with a trusted partner to maintain the quality and standards that have been a hallmark of the industry. Some of the parts we can provide include:







Isolation Mounts





Edge Trims

Finishing Trim

Mud Guards

Caps and Plugs

And those are only a few examples. At Vip Rubber and Plastic we can manufacture custom parts in a wide range of materials and characteristics that will meet the strict specifications and high performance required in the aerospace industry. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for your aerospace needs, Vip Rubber and Plastic can help. Call us at (562) 905-3456 today or click for a quote and partner with our experience to find your solution today.