quality assurance team

We understand the critical nature of quality control and systems in the manufacturing process. Our team of experts provides comprehensive quality measures, backed by multiple certifications, to ensure compliance with all specified requirements.

Our quality department has been extensively trained to become a trusted resource to perform all levels of quality control. As a leader in rubber and plastic manufacturing, we are the first choice for customers who need to meet stringent quality

A company dedicated to quality control, we successfully maintains the following quality sytems: AS9100 Rev. D (including ISO 9001:2015), and ITAR. We are also a Boeing approved supplier, offering several of the BMS specifications.

Quality Policy

 Vip Rubber & Plastic is dedicated to providing top quality products and on-time delivery to our customers.

We use a Quality Management System certified to AS9100 which incorporates the talents of all of our employees to promote customer satisfaction and continual improvement of our products.

Our goal is to embrace a system that will advance our competitive edge in the world market.

In addition, we use the very best suppliers in the industry. Our supply chain is strong, and our supplier quality clauses ensure a successful manufacturing environment.