If you need a versatile manufacturing partner with a broad range of industries served that can meet your individual needs, look no further. Vip Rubber and Plastic is well equipped to provide rubber and plastic products that fit the special requirements of all industries and economic sectors.

Diverse Industries Served

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With over half a century of manufacturing experience and hundreds of industries served, we have provided solutions for virtually every sector imaginable.

From the window seals on the Boeing airplane most people have traveled on – to the rubber used in the suit that Val Kilmer wore in the 1995 blockbuster hit Batman – our scope of manufacturing variety is endless.

Industries Served

aerospace industry


Precision products made to fit with the stringent requirements of the aircraft and aerospace industry. AS9100 certified.

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agriculture industry


Innovative manufacturing solutions specifically for the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting & Irrigation industries.

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automotive industry


Custom manufactured solutions for a wide variety of static or dynamic automotive applications. ISO9001 certified.

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construction industry


Custom rubber and plastic solutions for the Construction & Architectural sectors, including both commercial & residential.

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military and defense industry


High-quality and durable materials for the defense industry. A trusted supplier to Army, Navy and Department of Defense.

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oil and energy industry


Durable solutions aimed to work within the fields of traditional and renewable energy, oil, gas, mining, and nuclear power.

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industries served


Custom parts designed specifically for the medical field including equipment, services, biotechnology, and research.

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mass transit

Mass Transit

Durable and long-lasting custom parts specifically for the mass transit industry, including air, water, road, and rail.

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Pool & Spa

We have the high quality spa tubing you need at a price that can’t be beat. We are the original manufacturer so you are buying direct from the source.

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vip rubber industries served


Custom parts for almost every industry you can imagine. We are flexible and will meet your specific needs.

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Working with a custom manufacturer like us means you are not limited to a set product list. We can create custom compounds, and produce new, custom parts to meet your specific industry needs. Being first to market with a robust, innovative product helps to set our customers apart from their competition.

We are able to move customer ideas from drawings and conceptions to completion – in all industries served, markets and sectors.