Material testing is available for customers – typical, standard and lot testing. Typical testing is available at no charge, standard testing is $150 and the price of full lot testing depends on each individual part.

ARDL Mateiral Testing Vip Rubber and PlasticAt Vip, we have a great relationship with many testing labs.  For most testing that occurs outside of our facility, we use ARDL.

ARDL is an A2LA ISO 17025 accredited, ISO 9001:2008 registered, FDA compliant independent testing laboratory specializing in rubber, plastic and latex.

ARDL provides complete testing, including first articles, with complete confidentiality and a quick turnaround time. Other services include product and factory technical audits, failure analysis, technical training and technical problem solving.  Using an independent laboratory enables us to stay focused on what we do best — serving our customers.  In addition, ARDL provides both product and compound development to help us meet the material and performance specifications our customers need for their best products.

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