Flexible U-Channels

U-channels for shower and wardrobe glass are used for sealing the thin glass in framed doors. They are designed for applications where the mullion pocket is significantly larger than the glass. With their thicker walls, these U-channels can fill the gap and provide a reliable seal.

Commercial Glazing Seals for the Shower Door and Wardrobe Door Industry

Vip Rubber and Plastic manufactures U-channels for shower doors and wardrobe glass; however, we do not keep these items in stock for consumer sale. Minimum order quantities apply, and we do not ship small amounts of material. Lead times may vary. If you are a manufacturer, contact us to discuss your U-channel application.

PVC U-Channels for Sealing Thin Glass

Most U-channels for shower doors and wardrobe doors are made of flexible PVC, a form of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) This soft, flexible material offers good strength, high clarity, and high abrasion resistance. Because it containers plasticizers, flex PVC has rubber-like properties and is long-lasting. On the Vip website, these U-channels are grouped with plastic extrusion profiles.

Santoprene U-Channels vs. EPDM U-Channels

Some U-channels for thin glass are made of Santoprene instead. A high-performance thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), Santoprene is comparable to EPDM but is lighter and recyclable. Santoprene also resists water, an important consideration for shower door sealing. Plus, it withstands hot and cold temperatures.

The U-channels that are used with wardrobe glass generally don’t require water resistance, but moisture or humidity resistance may be required in some environments. The glass that’s used in wardrobe doors may be mirrored, however, so it’s important to choose a product that complements the larger design.

U-Channel Installation and Product Selection

Shower door U-channels and wardrobe door U-channels are easy to install. Some products have interior tongues that provide additional gripping. Product specifications include the thickness of the glass, which is typically 3/8” or 1/2”. Colors and finishes vary. Translucent and opaque products are available.

If a thin glass U-channel isn’t the right choice for your application, then consider a vinyl glazing seal instead. With frameless shower doors, flexible U-channels are used.