Snap-On Rounds | Plastic Extrusion Profiles

Snap-on rounds are 5/8” protective coverings for patio furniture and other applications. These ring-like plastic parts allow for easy fastening and are designed to snap into place. Other names for snap-on rounds include full round snap-ons and rail covers. They are extruded from plastic materials and can also be used as belt guides, guide rails, and protective edging.

Plastic Extrusions for Patio Furniture and Commercial Applications

Vip Rubber and Plastic of La Habra, California (USA) makes 5/8” snap-on rounds for patio furniture and other applications. We do not keep these products in stock for consumer sale but serve the manufacturing industry. Minimum order quantities apply and lead times may vary. If you are a manufacturer, contact us to discuss your application and to learn more about the snap-on rounds that we provide.

Four Materials for Snap-On Rounds

There are four main materials of construction for the 5/8” snap-on rounds used with patio furniture.

  • Rigid PVC provides a good balance of stiffness, impact resistance, and UV stability.
  • ABS supports the use of colorants and is known for its strength and impact resistance.
  • Styrene provides excellent abrasion resistance, crack resistance, and aging characteristics
  • Polybutyrate is a biodegradable polymer that can help to support sustainability initiatives.

Vip Rubber and Plastic can help you with material selection and also offers custom packaging. On our website, 5/8” snap-on rounds are grouped with plastic extrusion profiles.

Full Round Snap-On Product Specifications

In addition to material of construction, snap-on rounds are specified by inner diameter (ID). Typically, these products are stocked in 100 and 500 ft. coils. Vip Rubber and Plastic can provide you with shorter lengths, such as 10 to 20 feet, provided that your total minimum order quantity is sufficient. As a plastic extruder with value-added manufacturing, we also offer fabrication services at our Made in USA facility.