Roll-In Glazing Beads with String

Roll-in glazing beads with string are wedged between the window glass and the aluminum mullion that divides the window into separate sections. The C-shaped part of the gasket flattens upon entry and snaps back against the glass to form a secure seal.

Glazing Seals for Storefront and Commercial Windows

Vip Rubber and Plastic of La Habra, California (USA) manufactures roll-in glazing beads with string for manufacturers of storefront and commercial windows. We do not keep these products in stocks for consumer sales and minimum order quantities apply. Lead times may vary, so contact us to discuss your sealing application.

Materials for Roll-in Glazing Beads with String

Most roll-in glazing bead seals with string are made of 70-durometer EPDM or Santoprene, a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that can be recycled like a thermoplastic material.

  • EPDM is weather-resistant, flexible, durable, and cost-effective.
  • Santoprene is lighter than EPDM and offers superior flexibility, but generally costs more.

Durometer, a measure of hardness, is specified on the Shore A scale. Rubber that is 70-durometer is considered to be medium-hard. On the Vip website, roll-in glazing bead seals are grouped with plastic extrusion profiles.

Additional materials for roll-in glazing bead seals with string include neoprene rubber that meets ASTM C864 requirements. This specification from ASTM International covers dense, preformed elastomeric compression gaskets that are designed for use in sealing and window glazing applications.

Glazing Bead Applications and Considerations

Typically, roll-in glazing bead seals with string are used on the front sides of windows in commercial businesses and storefronts. They are recommended for applications where heavier edge-compression is required. These seals are relatively easy to install and can provide long-term performance.

Roll-in glazing beads sometimes called in roll-in glazing gaskets. They are boxed in coils of standard lengths and carry dimensional properties such as overall width. These window seals are available in different styles and finishes and can have either a wet or dry look depending on your preference.