department of defense rubber manufacturing mil-specThe defense industry often requires specification grade material for their products. Mil-spec grade materials are tough and function well in certain industry applications. Certifying a material to Mil-spec means the product maintains certain characteristics to meet physical strength, resistance to temperature, flammability and other environmental requirements. Using rubber materials that can withstand various types of environmental extremes is crucial when manufacturing products used in military and defense applications.

According to the Department of Defense, standardization documents are developed and used for products, materials, and processes that have multiple applications to promote commonality among military and defense departments, and between the United States and its allies, to maintain standardization.  the Military Departments and the Defense Agencies and between the United States and its allies, and to limit the variety of items in the military supply system.

The Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST) database identifies approved defense and federal standardization documents, adopted non-government standards (NGS), and International Standardization Agreements (ISAs). The main goal of these documents and specifications is to help multinational military forces operate effectively together to successfully accomplish missions and address shifting security requirements.


  • Defense specifications, standards, and handbooks developed in accordance with the consensus procedures.
  • Commercial item descriptions (CIDs) and federal specifications and standards developed in accordance with the consensus procedures of the Federal Standardization Manual.
  • NGS developed under the consensus procedures of private sector standards organizations.
  • Materiel ISAs developed within NATO and other multinational security bodies and ratified by the United States.

At Vip, we have decades of experience working with Mil-Spec materials. We can extrude, mold and manufacture rubber sheet to meet the spec requirements.

Some of the most common Mil-spec rubber parts are listed below, please contact your support team if you have a product that needs to meet a certain defense specification.  We would be happy to assist.

At Vip, we offer hundreds of custom compounds, with Mil-R-6855 being the most commonly ordered. We have decades of experience meeting this spec, and can manufacture your part with excellent quality.

A-A-59588Rubber Silicone
AMS 7276GRings, Seals, Fluorocarbon Rubber High-Temperature Fluid Resistant
AMS-3216FFlourocarbon (FKM) Rubber, High-Termperature, Fluid Resistant, Low Compression Set
AMS-7276GRings, Sealing, Fluorocarbon Rubber, High-Temperature, Fluid Resistant, Low Compression Set
ASTM D2000-03ARubber Products in Automotive Applications
ASTM-D1056-07Flexible Cellular Materials - Sponge or Expanded Rubber 1,2
ASTM-D-6576Flexible Cellular Rubber Chemically Blown
MIL-G-1149CGasket Materials, Synthetic Rubber, 50 and 65 Durometer Hardness
MIL-G-21610CGaskets, Heat Exchanger
MIL-PRF-1149DSynthetic Rubber 50/65D
MIL-PRF-15624FRubber 50D
MIL-PRF-900FRubber Gasket Material, 45 Durometer Hardness
MIL-R-15624ERubber Gasket, 50 Duro Max
MIL-R-2765DRubber Sheet Strip
MIL-R-3065ERubber Fabricated Products
MIL-R-6130CRubber, Cellular, Chemically Blown
MIL-R-6855/1Rubber, Synthetic Sheets
MIL-R-6855/5Rubber Synthetic Sheets, Channel Extruded
MIL-R-6855ERubber Synthetic Sheets, Strips, Molded and Extruded
MIL-R-7362DRubber, Synthetic, Solid, Sheet, Strip and Fabricated Parts, Synthetic Oil Resistant
MIL-R-83248-1Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastometers, High-Performance Fluid and Compression Set Resistance
MIL-R-83248-2Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastomers, High-Performance Fluid and Compression Set Resistant
MIL-83285Rubber, Ethylene-Propylene, General Purpose
ZZ-R-765ESilicone Rubber (A-A-59588)

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