ASTM International, with offices located across the globe, is one of the largest organizations that develops voluntary standards in manufacturing (and other areas).   The team of  volunteers working with ASTM represent producers, users, consumers, government, and academia from more than 140 countries. Their primary goal is to technical documents that serve as the basis of manufacturing, management, procurement, codes and regulations for dozens of industry sectors.

With over 12,000 ASTM standards, the rubber industry mostly interacts with the D-2000 standard. This system of classification relates to vulcanized rubber material properties, designed around the automotive standards.

Working with the ASTM D 2000 standard provides a great assist to procurement agents and engineers who want to be sure they are using the correct material for their application. This helpful spec is used in many industries including automotive, HVAC and mass transit.

The ASTM spec is extremely helpful in creating uniformity and repeatability in manufacturing. At Vip we have been manufacturing products to meet these requirements for over half a century. Quality is our passion. You can absolutely rely on us!

How To Read An ASTM Spec

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