SBR Buna Rubber Extrusion Vip RubberStyrene Butadiene, SBR, Buna-S™ is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene that exhibits good physical properties. SBR was introduced as a replacement to natural rubber during World War II and has some similar performance characteristics and can be used as a substitute when fewer dynamic properties are required. It is a lower-cost material.

SBR has excellent low-temperature flexibility and good heat resistance and heat-aging characteristics. It also has excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion to metals.

SBR is used extensively for tires and conveyor belts but also has many uses in parts as a natural rubber substitute. It is used for custom molded plumbing parts, rubber seals, rubber pads, panel grommets, and gaskets. It is also used in parts such as:






Wire and Cable

SBR is available from Vip Rubber and Plastic extruded as solid rubber, extruded as closed sponge cell as well as molded and in sheet.


SBR is ASTM D-2000 Classification AA and BA and is known by its chemical definition Styrene Butadiene.

Heat-Aging Resistance – Good

Abrasion Resistance – Good

Compression Set Resistance – Good

Tear Resistance – Good

Tensile Strength – 400-2,500 P.S.I

Elongation – 600% Maximum

Flame Resistance – Very Poor

Weather Resistance – Poor

Ozone Resistance – Poor

Gas Permeability Resistance – Good

Oil Resistance – Very Poor

Standard Temperature Range: -50° to +212°F (Dry Heat Only)

Hardness (Shore A): 40 to 90


Because of its abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to metals SBR can be used for applications within the Mining industry, Mass Transit, Construction, Military and Defense. It is also used in Plumbing and HVAC and in any industry requiring good tear resistance and heat-aging properties such as the Sealing industry.

Custom Services

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