For those seeking a combination of characteristics that include high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance, FKM Rubber – Fluorocarbon is often considered a universal elastomer for its ability to perform in many applications requiring both. Fluorocarbons also display high resistance to swelling when exposed to gasoline and other petroleum products and have a slow degradation rate when used in applications with UV exposure and ozone.

Fluorocarbons are used in many applications that require high-temperature resistance and exposure to corrosive materials such as gas, fuel, and oil where resistance to swell and low compression set are required. These include fuel system seals and hoses, expansion joints, gaskets and shaft seals. They are also used in parts requiring a hard-vacuum set and can meet FDA requirements for pharmaceutical and food applications.  Contact us to see if FKM rubber is right for your project.


Fluorocarbon – FKM, Viton™ is ASTM D-2000 Classification HK and is known by its chemical definition Fluorinated Hydrocarbon.

Heat Aging Resistance – Excellent

Abrasion Resistance – Fair

Compression Set Resistance – Good

Tear Resistance – Fair

Flame Resistance – N/A

Weather Resistance – Excellent

Ozone Resistance – Excellent

Gas Permeability Resistance – Good

Oil Resistance – Excellent

Flexibility in Low Temperatures

Resistance to Swell – High

Mechanical Properties – Good

Standard Temperature Range: 0° to +446°F

Hardness (Shore A): 60 to 90

Because of its combination of chemical resistance and performance at high temperatures Fluorocarbons are used extensively in the Aircraft, Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Automotive industries. They are also used in Food Service and Medical industries.

Vip Rubber and Plastic offers Fluorocarbon FKM in Viton™ and with our expert lab and testing facilities can produce custom compounds to increase the range of characteristics to meet additional required performance levels.