Vip Proprietary Compound Ecoprene Cost Effective Black Rubber

Vip’s Ecoprene rubber is a proprietary formulation that offers a good, low-cost material alternative for use in non-critical applications.

If you need a lower cost compound for an application that does not demand strict standards, Ecoprene rubber might be the material for you. At Vip Rubber and Plastic, we are constantly creating new and exciting solutions. Our goal is to meet every manufacturing requirement you have.

Characteristics of Ecoprene

  • Moderate strength
  • Moderate weather resistance
  • Low-cost alternative
  • Poor abrasion resistance
  • Standard Temperature Range: -20° to +200°F
  • Hardness (Shore A): 50 – 80
  • Custom Compounding: Can increase ranges, contact us for information

Industries Using Ecoprene

Ecoprene rubber is widely used in industries with non-critical applications. This rubber is versatile and can be used in many applications across all industries. Consider this material for applications that do not need high abrasion resistance and won’t see extreme temperatures. Talk to you support team today to see if Ecoprene is a good fit for your parts.

Vip+ Customization

We offer a wide range of custom services

  • Printing on Parts
  • Splicing
  • Cut-to-Length
  • Fabricated Coated Extrusion/Mold
  • Fabric Reinforced Sheet
  • Co-extrusions
  • PSA Application
  • Custom Compounding
  • Custom Dies
  • Custom and Standard Shapes