Medical Grade Rubber & Plastic Parts

Medical-IndustryMention the medical industry, equipment and medical components and everyone instinctively assumes insertable devices within the body such as catheters, pacemakers, and tubes. And while that is a very big part of the medical device industry, it is not the larger application within the field.

Toiling away in every hospital and medical clinic are pumps, monitors, carts and other medical industry equipment that, while they may not need to be medical grade, are no less important in sustaining and protecting life. And while a failed O-ring on a coffee maker may not be that critical, a failed O-ring on a pump or monitor could mean a difference between recovery or disaster.

Given the stakes, the parts and devices used in these peripheral devices must be manufactured with expertise, precision, and knowledge of the medical industry and with the absolute assurance of the quality of the materials. Vip Rubber and Plastic has long had in place the technical experience to provide any of these parts with an extensive quality focus baked into their system.

With certifications in AS9100 and ISO 9100: 2015 VIP Rubber and Plastic has a commitment to quality that will assure confidence in the parts produced for any external medical device. We also have strict Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Analysis, strict testing requirements and ITAR certification to provide traceability of material and assure the highest level of quality.

Superior Performance in Critical Uses

We provide a broad range of materials that can be used across several industries. We also offer an extensive lab environment for the development of specialized materials including custom compounding to increase material characteristic ranges. Some of the uses of material and parts we supply for use in medical applications include:

  • PVC – Compounded with phthalates, PVC provides a flexible tubing for use with IV systems.
  • Chloroprene (Neoprene™) – Due to its resistance to ozone, UV and oxygen, Chloroprene is excellent for use in devices such as hyperbaric chambers. Other uses with potential medical applications are O-rings, seals, gaskets and fluid sealing.
  • Medical Carts – Depending on use, there are many materials we can use to develop the right durability for your cart. For carts requiring plastic shrouding for protection, we offer materials such as ABS. For more flexible bumpers like those used in transport where the bumper serves as a door opener and where impact flexibility is required we offer materials such as Vip’s lower cost proprietary compound Ecoprene and even natural rubber (NR) as well.

When you require superior quality, complete material traceability and flexible and innovative manufacturing, VIP Rubber and Plastic can provide a solution for the needs of your medical environment. Call us at 800-722-4847 or click for a quote on a solution today.