Energy Rubber Extrusions

Energy Industry Vip Rubber and PlasticWhether it’s the intense heat of a desert oil field or the dark depths of a deep-water oil rig, the power and energy field produces some of the harshest and most challenging environments for rubber and plastic parts. Pressure, heat, cold, salinity, dust, extreme impact or torque and a host of other conditions can combine to create part failure at the worst possible time endangering worker safety, the environment and investment dollars.

With that much on the line it helps to have a partner with the knowledge and capabilities needed to literally help you keep the lights on around the globe. At Vip Rubber and Plastic our custom manufacturing expertise combined with our custom compounding capabilities and our world class lab and quality system, we can provide a range of materials and parts that will help keep the energy industry humming.

Oil and Gas

While renewable energy is growing every year, the reality is that the world still runs on fossil fuels that are increasingly hard to extract and therefore demand high quality performance from the equipment used to extract it. Many of the parts used in this industry require high abrasion resistance and controlled swell. We carry a broad range of materials that can be used in oil and gas including:

Nitrile – With high abrasion and good tensile strength Nitrile can be used for many drilling and pipeline applications. These include diaphragms, butterfly valve seals, spherical angulation joints and many others.

Viton – A good material for use in applications that may experience Explosive Decompression or Rapid Gas Decompression. With low gas permeability and high resistance to swelling when exposed to petroleum products, Viton is an ideal performance material for O-rings and hydraulic seals.

EPDM – Used in geothermal applications, EPDM exhibits good heat resistance, excellent water resistance and can be custom compounded to increase range of performance.

And we can supply a wide range of custom manufactured parts for the oil and gas industry including:

Low Temp Seals

Butterfly Valve Seals



Extruded Rubber

Molded Rubber Parts

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy field has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade as the search for renewable energy has ramped up due to investment and environmental concerns over traditional energy sources. And just as oil and gas industry conditions create excessive wear on parts, the renewable industry poses unique wear and tear challenges as well. Dust ingress for sensitive electronics within the wind industry is always a danger as these “wind farms” must withstand high winds, extreme torque within small enclosed environments and heat issues related to high RPM turbines. For those turbines stationed off the coast and in open waters, dust is replaced by moist salinized water that can also be a danger for sensitive monitoring equipment needed to keep the turbines running at peak efficiency. For the solar industry, intense heat can risk warping the sealed components affecting the angle of exposure and making the entire system less efficient thus defeating its purpose.

We can supply many of the parts needed for the renewables industry including:


Vibration Dampers


Low Temp or High Temp Gaskets and Seals

Rubber Sheeting


Rubber Extrusions

Pneumatic Seals

Coupling Rubbers

Since 1961, Vip Rubber and Plastic has been at the forefront of developing custom compounds suitable for rigorous, treacherous and abusive environments. Our staff has the technical manufacturing expertise to custom manufacture parts using custom compounds to add range to materials requiring characteristics above and beyond the every day wear and tear in other industries. If you need a solution for your traditional or green energy part requirements, Vip Rubber and Plastics has the knowledge to help you find the solutions to your energy part needs.