Custom Industrial Rubber & Plastic Parts

washing maching rubber steelAt Vip Rubber and Plastic, we focus on QC. Now, for many industries, the term QC stands only for quality control, and that’s OK for the rest of the world. But for us, QC stands for both Quality and Custom. Our quality is built into our history and our processes and is the first foot forward in everything we do. And our second step is always custom, especially for our customers in custom industries.

Over the years, we have produced a wide range of custom parts for just about every industry imaginable. From hockey stick grips to dishwasher tubing to washing machine seals, stair treads and shopping cart bumpers we have done it all.

We offer an expertly staffed lab capable of custom compounding for our materials. And we offer the testing and traceability of materials to assure that whatever the purpose of your part it will perform at or above the quality expected and one that is specifically made for your custom industry.


grocery store rubber partsWe also manufacture many parts for distributors and their custom industries. Because of our flexibility in producing such a wide array of rubber and plastic parts, we are a top OEM supplier to some of the largest distributor in the nation.

We manufacture many standard extrusions, seals, molded and sheet rubber. But as always, for those parts that need to be made special, there’s always that “custom” word again, something we do with pride and confidence better than any of our competitors.

If you need parts backed by the reputation of over fifty years of service, custom suited to your custom industry. And if you have looked everywhere else and want to come to the place that can make anything in rubber and plastic for anyone, then call us at 800.722.4847.