Automotive Rubber and Injection Molded Parts

Few would argue that the automobile has been a major component of our economy for decades. It has transformed the way we travel, work, shop and recreate and it is hard to envision a world without cars. As consumer tastes have become more informed and sophisticated, the automotive industry has seen demand for higher quality, superior craftsmanship and better fuel efficiency which has driven changes in automotive technology in the form of materials.

Today, automobiles driven for everyday use have parts and materials exhibiting a level performance that was previously only utilized in sports cars and high-end luxury vehicles. The result has been a focused demand on material and parts for the automotive industry that drive these consumer trends.

Quality Products For Automotive Applications

Since 1961, Vip Rubber and Plastic has been at the forefront providing quality materials and manufacturing of parts for the ever-changing automotive industry. Today, we supply some of the most demanded materials and common parts used within the automotive world with the quality and custom manufacturing capability that allows the automotive world to continue to provide smoother rides and better performance.

Automotive Industry Vintage Car Vip Rubber and PlasticA few of the products we make are:

Hinge Covers
Molded Caps
Window Seals
Door Seals
Acoustic Covers
Vibration Isolators
Molded Dampeners
Rubber Hose

This is just a snapshot of our manufacturing capabilities for the automotive industry, we can make just about anything out of plastic or rubber! Be sure to talk to your support team to get your project started.

Automotive Materials

Although we carry a broad range of materials, some of the more common materials used within the automotive industry include:


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) – The automotive industry accounts for approximately 40% of EPDM consumed worldwide. It is an electrical insulator and exhibits outstanding resistance to heat, weather, and ozone. These characteristics make it a superior choice for many automotive parts including door, window and trunk seals. It is also used extensively for vibrational dampening as well as hoses and gaskets, and in sheet form can even be used as a waterproofing membrane.

Buna-N and Buna-S

Buna, another ethylene propylene rubber used in a wide range of parts such as water seals, wipers, gaskets, belting, sleeves, wire and cable, and others. Buna has good resistance to heat and oxidation as well as resistance to chemicals. It also weathers well and is a good electrical insulator. And Buna can be extruded or calendered.


Viton is a fluoroelastomer with characteristics such as a high resistance to swell, a wide temperature range and outstanding resistance to heat and chemicals. It makes an excellent choice for parts that will be exposed to or in contact with fuels and can be custom compounded when required. It is used in seals, gaskets, O-rings and other parts vital in today’s fuel-efficient engines.

We can supply these materials as well as many other high and low temp compounds such as polyisoprene and fluorosilicone as well as custom compounds for use in most automotive environments.

Custom Manufacturing

As a custom manufacturer, we can provide you with exactly what you need. With modern manufacturing capabilities, we also have a strong technical team, a focus on lean manufacturing and a commitment to continuous improvement. This allows us to provide solutions not only for new designs but through custom compounding and development of innovative new materials for existing parts to improve sound abatement, vibrational concerns, weather degradation and many other challenges facing the automotive world.

As automotive design advances through new technologies such as composite materials and even 3D printed assemblies for key portions of an automobile body, the requirements for the seals, gaskets, hoses and other parts that provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience will continue to change as well. We will continue to advance its team of technical and manufacturing expertise to be proactive in developing solutions as this industry changes.

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