Agriculture Rubber Products

With one in three people worldwide employed in agriculture, the sector is a large and critical part of both the global as well as regional and local economies. And it isn’t just food production for people that makes up this broad category. The industry also includes feed for livestock, fiber for clothing and now, biofuels.

agriculture rubber parts

Since 1961, we have provided custom-made parts to keep this massive industry moving and the world population fed. In some parts of the world where most of the population is engaged in agriculture, custom parts are needed to keep older, outdated equipment running to stretch the life of the equipment. While in industrialized nations where large automated farms operate with less human capital, a steady and reliable source of parts for equipment under constant duress with weather, wear and terrain is critical to sustaining ROI.

Regardless the category, we have supplied the following parts for the agriculture industry:

tractor watering crops

Caps & Plugs
Edge Trim
Finishing Trim

Isolation Mounts
Mud Guards

While the list above is but a small snapshot of what is used in agriculture, there are also specialized materials that are needed as well and we are here to help.



Let’s face it, farming is hard. Terrain alone can result in excessive wear on joints, seals and gaskets due to dust, harsh local aggregate within the soil, increased moisture due to varied conditions in the water table and many harsher natural conditions.

At Vip, we provide material options for replacement parts and improved parts performance. And our lab and technical staff can help design and manufacture parts to combat specific conditions.


Agriculture spans all weather systems globally and parts that thrive in one weather system may fail in others. Conditions such as wet, dry, hot, cold, dust, heavy exposure to sun and many other weather-related conditions can also affect the life of a part. At Vip Rubber and Plastic, we provide solutions in the form of engineering assistance and custom compounding to mitigate extreme weather impact.

Chemical Resistance

Modern agriculture relies on chemicals. Whether pesticides or nutrient dispersion systems, chances are many rubber and plastic parts will be exposed to a variety of chemicals over their lifespan. VIP’s on-site lab specializes in new compound development which means you have a better chance at finding the specific compound that extends the range of many of our core material offerings to provide you with a durable, reliable and effective solution.

Food Grade

Strict government regulations regarding food grade requirements for some applications can vary across borders. We can help with the development of custom compounds to guarantee the materials used meet even the most stringent food grade regulatory requirements.

VIP Rubber and Plastic has been providing materials and custom manufactured parts to the agriculture industry since 1961. If you have a specialized need for plant, crop, and food equipment that requires expertise and know how, request a quote today. Or, call our team of technical experts to discuss the right sized options and solutions for you at 800.722.4847.