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Dock Bumpers, Rubrails, and Dock Edging

Custom Dock Bumpers Extrusion Plastic

Dock bumpers, rubrails and dock edging from Vip Rubber & Plastic help to protect and preserve your boat’s finish. These vinyl bumpers are white in color and made of a pre-dyed, heavy-duty, PVC plastic that won’t mar or mark the hull of your watercraft. Vip’s marine bumpers also offer excellent shock absorption for protecting not just your boat, but the dock itself. They resist sunlight and fungi, too.

Rubrails for Shock Absorption and Environmental Resistance

By absorbing energy from low-speed impacts, rubrails help keep your boat on the water instead of at the repair shop. These dock bumpers and dock edging have sturdy internal ribs for structural support and their P-shaped design supports ease-of-attachment. The benefits don’t end there either. Importantly, these vinyl rubrails retain their appearance and performance in marine environments.

Vip’s rubrails, dock bumpers and dock edging are made of a marine-grade compound with a special additive that inhibits the growth of fungi, organisms that can cause staining or discoloration. This vinyl material also includes an additive that imparts resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light, which is found in the sun’s rays. Without adequate UV resistance, PVC plastics can crack and exhibit a decrease in impact resistance. They can also lose their gloss, appear chalky, and exhibit “sunburn” or discoloration.

How to Buy Dock Bumpers and Dock Edging

Vip Rubber & Plastic sells PVC rubrails, dock bumpers, and dock edging in 10-ft. lengths that are packed 10 to a box. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1,000 ft. and the lead time is one week for the P-shape rubrail that we have in stock. As always, we can custom manufacture any other shape you need. When requested, we will review the presented profile to adequately assess the time required to build the tool and run the first article. Click here to request a quote.

There is no color matching charge for white PVC dock bumpers, but we cannot combine colors for quantity pricing since each color requires its own setup. Our current product is the only style in-stock, but  Vip can create any shape or style that you need. We love doing both standard and custom jobs to meet your needs because that’s who we are. If you’re interested in other styles of marine bumpers, please contact us.