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TLARGI’s Oktoberfest Event A Huge Success

Vip Wins The TLARGI Oktoberfest Booth Competition With "Fear Factor" Theme

Each year The Los Angeles Rubber Group Inc (TLARGI) hosts an Oktoberfest celebration. The highlight of this event is the themed booths that members create.

Vip Rubber Booth Oktoberfest TLARGI 2019

This year the Vip team put together a “Fear Factor” themed booth complete with secret black boxes containing unidentified objects.

Guests were brave enough to try and guess what was in the boxes, and we got some pretty great reactions. Suprise, shock, and laughter filled the faces of our guests. Everyone had a lot of fun.

Vip was awarded first prize for their creative, fun and interactive booth.

Check out some of the great reactions to the booth.

TLARGI is a fantastic organization that helps to bring companies in the rubber industry together.

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Training Employees Through A “University” Style Program

Vip University - Vip Rubber and Plastic Employee TrainingAt Vip, we work hard at continuously improving all areas of business. Our employees are a huge part of making sure we manufacture high-quality parts that meet our customers need. To improve overall quality, we have created Vip University which will allow employees to train in different areas, essentially receive “degrees” for that training.

Vip University provides opportunities for employees to improve their competencies in their specific areas, as well as cross-training in other departments

Continuously moving toward company-wide improvement, Vip implements a robust training system that delivers improvement in manufacturing, customer service, and adherence to the AS9100 Revision D quality standards. All employees now have access to various training modules aimed at advancing skills and capabilities.

Our President, Deena Campana, built a system that tracks progress inside our custom enterprise resource planning application.  Vip University is available to all employees, without exception.

“ We wanted a dedicated place to manage our extensive training material,” said Ms. Campana, “It started out as a knowledge base, including control documents for our quality management system and evolved into Vip University which addresses the importance of quality and training materials.” According to the company, Vip University presents a centralized way to control and disseminate knowledge across the company.

Employees will have a personal choice to train in each area, including manufacturing, safety, quality and customer service. Those who decide to train and increase their knowledge will position themselves to grown and expand with the company. The university about employee education, so we can serve our customers better, and open up opportunities for internal growth.

As a family-owned and operated company, our employees are very important to us. We want to do all we can to provide the best possible working environment. Employees will be paid their normal wage during any training time they decide to take.

We are an AS9100 Revision D company, so training is a cornerstone of our focus.

For a more detailed view of Vip University, view the articled that Rubber News wrote.

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