Vacuum Hoses

Vacuum hoses are used for a variety of purposes within automotive, marine and specialty applications from engine emission control to windshield washer applications to coolant overflow and many others.  Vip Rubber and Plastic offers un-reinforced extruded silicone vacuum tubing to fit almost any need.

Our hoses are made to order, and we have extrusion dies ranging from 0.62” ID to 1.25” ID as well as metric equivalents.  Our dies are made in-house and we can produce custom dies for your hose extrusion as well. We can cut to packaged length requirements in black, blue, cherry, brick red and almost any color you require and can ship quickly.  Our vacuum hoses exceed the SAE J20 R3 specifications and requirements. From time to time, a customer may request modifications to wall thickness to provide cost-effective or light duty application for their end use. When this happens, we have staff and facilities to test the vacuum hose to determine the specifications and performance characteristics to keep you compliant or to recommend options that will help you decide.

Silicone is an excellent choice for vacuum hoses and our 65 durometer hoses have a temperature range of -65° to 550°.  They are also kink and abrasion resistant and exhibit superior resistance to UV and ozone exposure as well as superior performance in both moist and dry weather conditions.  In addition to vacuum hoses, we can manufacture charge air cooler hose, hump hose, transition hose, elbows, and custom shaped hose.

Vip Rubber and Plastic has over 55 years’ experience at the ready to help assist you in deciding on the right vacuum hoses for your requirements.  Contact us or call today 800-722-4847 and let our expert team assist you.

Silicone Vacuum Hose Reinforced