Linkages and transitions can be one of the most important aspects of your hose assembly.  So, when you need to step up or down to a different diameter, Vip Rubber and Plastic silicone transition hoses will provide the right performance for your end use.  Made of silicone and using leno woven polyester fabric for reinforcement, we supply 3 and 4 ply transition hoses that are durable and strong.

Due to the superior resilience and temperature resistance of silicone, our transition hoses can withstand high boost applications and can endure temperatures of up to 350° F.  And when reinforced with high tensile (150 lbs.) polyester continuous filament woven fabric, they can accept working pressures of 37-88 psi and burst pressure of 149-350 psi depending on ply and hose diameter.

Exceeding the SAE J20 R1 specifications, our hoses exhibit superior weather resistance against UV, ozone, dry and moist extremes.  Our hoses also exhibit good chemical resistance against heavy water, methanol, water-soluble detergents, water zinc salts, and natural gas.  

Vip Rubber and Plastic has over 70 different mandrels for building transition hoses ranging from 1.50” to 5.00” with various transition and overall lengths.  We also produce in metric sizes and we can add logos or markings in a variety of colors in either matte or glossy.

For your high impact or high-performance transition hose requirements water, coolant or air service, contact us, and we will lend our 55 years’ plus of industry expertise to help you choose the right transition tube. In addition to transition hose, we manufacture hump hose, vacuum hose, charge air cooler hose, elbows, and custom sized hose

transition hose reinforced silicon