Special Shape Hoses

If you have a need for hoses for unique products, applications or performance characteristics, Vip Rubber and Plastic can help.  While silicone is an excellent choice for many hose applications due to chemical and weather resistance, we realize that there are times when you need something different.  Many specialty applications including air intakes, fluid transfers and transfer of abrasive and non-abrasive mediums may require additional performance characteristics that are not suited for silicone as a first choice.  When this happens, Vip Rubber and Plastics can offer alternative materials and custom compounding to find the right materials for your need.

We can also prepare custom shapes as well.  Many hoses and assemblies require complex geometries and may even need integral components molded into the piece.  Or, as an OEM or aftermarket, you may be looking to reduce the number of pieces and joinings and a custom single unit piece may be just the thing.  We can produce custom parts and assemblies that consider both complex geometries including branch offs, spigots and other special shapes.

Master tool-makers can work to design a tool, mold or mandrel that meets your requirements for long and short run projects.  And with an in-house lab and testing capability, we can not only build the right tool for your design, we can recommend the right compound to meet the performance level you need for critical performance as well as help you overcome compliance concerns.  Our quality system is AS9100 Revision D certified and top-notch. 

Whether your part requires fabric reinforcement, extrusion or molding, Vip Rubber and Plastic has been producing custom parts for over fifty years for both OEM and aftermarket parts.  We can partner with you to solve the challenges brought on by the requirement of custom shapes and materials.  In addition to custom shapes and sizes, we can manufacture charge air cooler hose, hump hose, vacuum hose, transition hose, and elbows.


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Reinforced Silicone Hose Special Shapes