Hump Hoses

Known for their larger middle diameter, hump hoses are designed so that the middle section absorbs movement and vibration.  They are used in automotive, recreational vehicles, marine, and many other applications that utilize an engine. Hump hoses can flex up to 20° for slight bends and can be used to join intake pipes to the engine body for custom compressors, air metering assemblies, and turbo inlets/outlets.

Vip Rubber and Plastic offers hump hoses in standard length of 3” and we have over 36 different mandrels for producing hump hoses ranging from 2.00” to 4.5”.  We can produce custom size hoses with a short lead time. Our hoses are polyester reinforced and exceed the SAE J20 R1 specifications. For custom sizes, we can even test to determine the final specification and characteristics for your end use.  In addition to hump hose, we can manufacture charge air cooler hose, vacuum hose, transition hose, elbows and custom shaped hose.

Because of silicone’s superior flexibility and resilience and due to its excellent temperature range, when your client needs quality produced hump hoses that can take a beating, Vip Rubber and Plastic is there for all your needs.  We can also apply custom logos and markings and our hump hoses are available in glossy or matte finish in black, blue, cherry and brick red.

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Reinforced Silicone Hump Hose