When your product needs to change direction fast and under pressure, Vip Rubber and Plastic can supply elbow hoses for almost any application.  Found in a wide array of industries including automotive, marine, military, agricultural, medical and manufacturing, elbow hoses are a critical part of any hose and connecting system.  We offer elbows reinforced with polyester fabric with temperature ranges from -65° to 350° F. And for those needing high boost and pressure performance, we also produce aramid fiber reinforced elbows using Kevlar® or similar that can increase the temperature range to 550° F.  

Vip Rubber and Plastic offers elbows up to 6 ply and common aspect angles of 45° and 90°.  And, we can achieve leg lengths of up to 10” long ranging from 1.00” to 5.00” ID. We also have a variety of attachments and can produce reducing elbows as well.  Our elbows can be made in a wide range of colors including black, blue, cherry and brick red and are available in gloss or matte finish. We take pride in our quality and our products exceed the SAE J20 R1 hose specifications and requirements.  And if you need specialty modifications to reduce wall thickness, we can even test in-house to determine where your part will be within those standards. 

In addition to elbows, we can manufacture charge air cooler hose, hump hose, vacuum hose, transition hose and custom shaped hose.

Contact Vip Rubber and Plastic for elbows for coolant transmission and other applications.  Our 50 plus years’ experience is at the ready to help you decide the strength and size of your part. Contact us today.

silicone elbow coolant hoses