Charge Air Cooler Hoses

Charge Air Cooler Hoses (CAC) allows connection between engine mounted cooler system components.  Because of occasional system alignment or rough service applications, Vip Rubber and Plastic CAC hoses are designed to help mitigate misalignments as well as reduce vibration between hose ends.  Rings can be added to help prevent excessive expansion due to charge air pressure.

We have 16 mandrels for most hose combinations for diameter, length and ring quantity.  Standard and custom sized hose can be produced and shipped quickly to meet your deadlines.

Vip Rubber and Plastic CAC hose can also be reinforced with polyester for use in cold side applications and our hoses will perform in extreme temperature ranges from -65° to 350° F.  Depending on the degree of misalignment and rough service, hoses can be used without the ring.

Our CAC hoses exceed SAE J20 R1 specifications and we can even test performance characteristics for custom applications to determine performance ranges against specifications.  Because silicone is inert, it won’t corrode or adhere to surrounding parts and connectors. And while it can’t be used as a fluid transfer for petroleum products, it has good chemical resistance to natural gas, water-soluble detergents, sodium hydroxide, heavy water, vegetable oil and citric acid as well as exceptional weather resistance to moisture, dry conditions and UV exposure, our CAC hoses an excellent choice for charge air cooler systems.  In addition, we can manufacture hump hose, vacuum hose, transition hose and elbows.

Vip Rubber and Plastic brings over 55 years’ quality and experience to service your CAC hose needs.  Call or contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you determine the right size and construction for you CAC hoses.

Charge Air Coolant Hoses Silicone