Vip Rubber and Plastic is proud to offer reinforced silicone hose, including hump hose, transition hose, coolant hose, vacuum hose, elbows, and custom shaped parts.  


With over 55 years of experience within rubber and plastics, our silicone products offer superior performance and quality with a choice of reinforcement options to choose from.

Reinforced Silicone Hose


Our silicone hoses are engineered with a variety of fabric reinforcement options including polyester, fiberglass and aramid fiber such as Kevlar.  Our hoses are manufactured to exceed the SAE J20 specifications by 30% and our materials meet AMS, BMS, MIL-SPEC, ZZR-765, and ASTM D 2000 specifications.

Our fabric options include:

  • Polyester
    • Leno weave
    • 500 and 1000 denier high tenacity filament yarn
    • 3.2 oz. per square yard
    • 0.013/0.014 Gauge
    • 150 lb. Tensile
    • 350° F Max temp
  • Fiberglass
    • Leno weave
    • 3 ply continuous filament yarn
    • 8.0 oz. per square yard
    • 0.0175 Gauge
    • 150 lb. Tensile
    • Temperature surpasses all silicone capabilities
  • Aramid Fibers
    • Plain weave
    • 30/2 spun continuous filament yarn
    • 2.85 oz. per square yard
    • 0.012 Gauge
    • 90 lb. Tensile
    • Aramid fiber surpasses the 550° F silicone capability with superior cut and tear resistance

Since silicone offers longer service life compared to material such as EPDM and other organic compounds, our silicone hoses will give you years – and miles – of service.  Our quality driven manufacturing processes ensure that you receive hoses with high resistance to compression set, exhibit good burst strength and excellent kink and vacuum resistance.

Temperature Resistance

Silicone hose from Vip Rubber and Plastic exhibits exceptional temperature resistance of up to 350° F (max) and up to 550° F when using polyester or aramid fibers.  And even under the most extreme temperatures our product retains excellent physical properties and abrasion resistance. They can even maintain dynamic flexibility in temperatures as low as -65° F.

Chemical and Weather Resistance

When you need hoses that can withstand the assault of regular chemical and weather conditions, Vip Rubber and Plastics silicone hoses offer superior performance with resistance to a large variety of common chemicals including heavy water and water-soluble detergents, ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), vegetable oil, potassium chloride, sodium hydroxide, natural gas and vegetable oil.  

Our silicone hoses are also weather and ozone resistant and offer high resistance to the effects of sunlight and ozone, rainwater and other gasses that can weather other hoses.  They can even perform in both extremes of dry and moist conditions as our silicone hoses can resist moisture in damp and humid environments as well as maintain performance characteristics in dry high sunlight environments.

Coolant Hose Reinforced Silicone Black

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Vip Rubber and Plastic offers silicone rubber hoses, in both standard and specialty shapes.  Our quality system is certified to AS9100 Revision D, so rest assured, your part will be exactly as you need it. If you are looking for a cost-effective replacement for metal tubing, complex shapes , or, are seeking to eliminate multiple parts and joiners to simplify your design, contact Vip Rubber and Plastic today to discuss your silicone hose requirements.