Flexible U-Channels

Flexible U-channels for seamless shower doors and panels are used for permanent installations. Applications include glass shower walls where an adhesive or concrete is poured after the glass is fitted into a groove. Sometimes, the glass is buried in the floor up to an inch around the gasket. Alternatively, the glass can be mounted around a design feature known as a preacher.

Seamless shower doors, or frameless shower doors, do not require metal supports and are easier to clean and maintain than framed ones. Seamless showers have a sleek, modern appearance and use thicker tempered glass for safety. However, because a seamless glass door is less stable than a frame glass door, proper installation is critical.

Commercial Glazing Seals for Shower Doors and Panels

Vip Rubber and Plastic manufactures flexible U-channels for seamless showers door and panels; however, we do not keep these products in stock for small consumer orders. Minimum order quantities apply and lead times vary. If you are a shower door or panel manufacturer, contact us to discuss your application.

Flex U-Channels and PVC

Most flexible U-channels for seamless shower doors and panels are made of flexible PVC, a form of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This soft, flexible plastic has good strength, high clarity, and strong abrasion resistance. Because it containers plasticizers, flex PVC has rubber-like properties and is long-lasting.

Some flexible U-channels for seamless shower doors and glass panels are made of other plastic materials instead. If the gasket won’t be visible, then appearance is a less important consideration. However, the difficulty of removing and replacing a buried gasket requires careful material selection.

Flexible U-Channel Selection and Installation

Flexible U-channels for glass shower doors panels are designed to be easy to install. Some products have bump-like exterior features to promote installation. Product specifications include the thickness of the glass, colors, and finishes. Translucent and opaque Flex PVC is available. On the Vip website, flexible U-channels are grouped with plastic extrusion profiles. You’ll also find other extrusions there.