Extruded Elastic Straps

For Face Masks, Goggles and Safety Glasses

Plastic Elastic Straps Bands For Facemask PPE

Our elastic straps / bands are made from a super soft, medical grade, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and can be adapted for use in almost any kind of mask or other protective item. These flat plastic bands have the same durability, elasticity, and “feel” of latex without the chance of triggering a latex allergy.

Opaque in color, with excellent stretch and recovery properties, this product is FDA approved and suitable for skin contact. The flat extruded plastic straps can be cut to any size length you need which makes them easy to adapt to your application. The material is strong, with anti-tear properties, and won’t break under tension.

Standard Strap Widths

2,000' in each box means you can cut to any size you need

TPE Elastic Straps Bands Facemask.040″ Thick x .350″ Wide

 .032″ Thick x .300″ Wide

.025″ Thick x .250″ Wide

2,000′ per box – minimum order 25,000′

Opaque in color

Price breaks for higher volume

Need A Custom Quote?

Custom Colors and Sizes are No Problem!


The elastic strap comes standard in three sizes and opaque color, however we can create custom orders in just about any size or color you want. The material we are currently using is FDA approved. In order to maintain that approval, any colorants used must also be FDA approved. If FDA approval is not necessary, we can use an alternative colorant. Please note the lead time will increase for custom orders. Be sure to talk to your support team about how we can meet your custom needs.

Product Details

  • 50 Shore A
  • High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Low Density
  • Excellent Stretch & Recovery Properties
  • FDA Approved Raw Materials
  • Suitable for Skin Contact
  • Good Anti-Tear Propagation
  • Latex Free
  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate/PVC Free
  • Opaque in Color (custom colors available)

In Our Vip Offices

We have used these elastic straps on our own masks here at Vip. They are stretchy, comfortable and easy to adhere with a strong glue, stitch, or other bonding method. If you need bands to finish off your face masks, we have plenty in stock. If you need a custom size, we can do that too!

Vip Rubber Plastic Elastic Bands Straps Mask
Cindy LeClair Vip Rubber and Plastic COVID face mask

Please note that we are selling the elastic straps only, we do not sell full face mask assemblies.

Doing Our Part In The Community

A Note From Our Community

My name is Laura Seheult and I am  veterinarian in Knoxville, Tennessee. My club, which consists of local veterinarians, has been participating in the national Million Mask Challenge. Our initial goal was to provide local veterinary hospitals with cloth masks so we could donate our commercial masks to the health care workers working to assist patients with COVID-19. We have surpassed that need and have now been able to assist a variety of local organizations such as the Office on Aging, Children’s Hospital, Knoxville Zoo, local police officers and many others.
Our group has now distributed over 2,000 masks and the elastic straps Vip Rubber and Plastic donated made a huge impact! Most of masks we have produced have ties made from various cloth materials since elastic was sold out in every store locally. With your donation, we were able to provide masks to the elderly that could be put on their face with greater ease.
Thank you for your generosity and kindness during this time. It has been a blessing to our community.
~ Laura Seheult