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Nuclear Gasket Case Study

Fabricating a nuclear gasket requires skill, speed, and a can-do attitude. When a nuclear power company needed a spliced gasket quickly, Vip Rubber and Plastic answered the call. This request for assistance came during our plant shutdown at the height of the holiday season, but that didn’t stop our family-owned business from meeting a customer’s urgent need.

Nuclear Gasket Needed Now

Vip Rubber and Plastic’s plant in Orange County, California was closed for Christmas when Tom LeClair, Vice President of Sales, received a phone call at home. As the caller explained, a nuclear generating station in the southeastern United States urgently needed a new gasket. Tom reviewed the requirements, confirmed that Vip could deliver quickly, and trusted in our production team.

Vip’s hard-working employees were ready to enjoy a week of rest but fired-up the plant and got to work. Our Rubber Extrusion Manager led the crew of four that produced the nuclear gasket. Another manager spliced the gasket himself. When the custom gasket was complete, the customer sent a car to pick it up and take it to the airport for shipment to the nuclear generating station.

The elapsed time between the call to Tom LeClair and the customer pickup was just 12 hours. Vip prizes this accomplishment and the teamwork that was needed to meet this tight timetable. Our holiday celebrations were especially happy that year, and the time that employees enjoyed with their families must have been even sweeter.  If you are a defense company looking for rubber or plastic products, give us a call!