Vip Rubber & Plastic Is An Integral Part Of The
United States Manufacturing Community

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Our mission is to continually improve our products to meet our customer’s needs, allowing us to prosper as a business and to provide a reasonable return for our stockholders, the owners of our business. How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself.

Vip’s Fundamentals To Success Are These Basic Values:


Our people are the source of our strength. They provide our corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality. Involvement and teamwork are our core human values. Our support teams are the best in the industry and are committed to your success.


Our products are the end result of our efforts and they should be the best at servicing customers. We are viewed as our products are viewed.


Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide customers with the best products for their needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.

Guiding Principles

Quality Comes First

To achieve customer satisfaction the quality of our products must be our number one priority.

Customers Are The Focus Of Everything We Do

Our work must be done with our customers in mind, providing better products than our competition.

Continuous Improvement Is Essential To Our Success

We must strive for excellence in everything we do: our products, in safety, human relations and competitiveness.

Employee Involvement Is Our Way Of Life

We are a team. We must treat each other with trust and respect.

Suppliers Are Our Partners

VIP must maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and other business associates.

Integrity Is Never Compromised

The conduct of our company must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contribution to society. Our doors are open to men and women alike without discrimination and without regard to ethnic origin or personal beliefs.


At Vip Rubber & Plastic, we are a leading manufacturer of molded rubber & plastic, extruded rubber & plastic, calender sheeting, tubing and plastic pipe. We serve customers as vast as the products we mold, fabricate and extrude. Major local, national and international industries include the automotive, aerospace, aircraft, industrial, construction, door & window, RV, mining, shower door, oil & gas, entertainment, squeeze tube, food services, medical, marine, garden supply, recreational and military & defense industries. Whatever your demand, Vip meets all military, industrial and commercial specifications with expertise.


Custom molds and dies in custom materials, sizes and finishes are our specialties. From selection and procurement to manufacturing and quality assurance, Vip Rubber and Plastic reliably get the job done. The latest in manufacturing equipment combined with the latest in technical and chemical research create ever-expanding capabilities to meet your changing needs.


Competitive prices and reliable products are a given. Quality service is our guarantee. Be it difficult deadlines or demanding designs, we deliver the most cost-effective product for your given application. We do it with ease and experience relevant to today’s global market. We’ve been there. We’ve done it. We’ll do it again.