PVC Boat Dock Bumpers In Stock And Ready To Ship!

We know that protecting and preserving your boat’s finishWhite PVC Dock Bumper Edging is very important.¬† Our dock bumpers, rub rails and dock edging can do the job. This white vinyl rub rail is extruded from heavy-duty, marine-grade compounds. Made from flexible PVC, the rub rail has excellent shock absorption and will not mark or mar the hull of your boat.

Our plastic extrusion department manufactures rub rail with U.V. and fungicide protection which will maximize the life of this product, while keeping the integrity of the color. Trust the internal strengthening ribs of this P-shaped dock bumper to consistently protect your boat from damage.

How to Buy Dock Bumpers and Dock Edging

Our PVC rub rails, dock bumpers, and dock edging are sold in 10-ft. lengths that are packed 10 to a box. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1,000 ft. and the lead time is one week for the P-shape rub rail that we have in stock. As always, we can custom manufacture any other shape you need. When requested, we will review the presented profile to adequately assess the time required to build the tool and run the first article.

Vinyl P-Shape White Marine Rub Rail

P Shape Dock Bumper Dimensions
Extruded PVC Dock Bumper White

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Vinyl white dock bumper
Vinyl White Rub Rail Dock Bumper