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Custom Extruded Plastic Profiles Made Exactly The Way You Want Them

Fully Custom Plastic Extrusion - Vip Rubber and Plastic CompanyAt Vip, we have decades of experience manufacturing thousands of unique custom plastic extrusions in almost every shape, size, and color you can imagine. Our specialty lies in making plastic profiles specifically for a certain application. You tell us what you need and we will manufacture it, meeting the highest quality standards.

We have an incredibly talented team of estimators, customer service and production professionals who will ensure your extruded plastic part will perform exactly as you need it to.

Our capabilities range from very complex, custom-made parts and profiles to simple, more common, and standard shapes.  We make our dies in house, so have the flexibility to create brand new parts when you are ready to order. Everything we manufacture is done at the time you place your PO, we do not carry inventory on most items, we focus solely on one job at a time. And we manufacture parts in almost all plastic materials available.

Extruded Plastic Parts and Profiles

Extruded Angles

Bulb Seals



Cove Moldings

Decorative Trim

Divider Molding

Expansion Joints

Roll In Beads

Sill Covers

Extruded Strips

Tile Trim

Tree Ties

Extruded Window Seals

Extruded Door Seals

C Shape Extrusion

D Shape Extrusion

E Shape Extrusion

H Chanel Extrusion

J Channel Extrusion

L Channel Extrusion

P Shape Extrusion

T Strip Extrusion

U Channel Extrusion




Solid Shapes

Hollow Shapes

Weather Strip Extrusions




Solid Shapes

Hollow Shapes

Weather Strip Extrusions

Window Seals

Door Seals

D Shape Plastic Extrusion Profile

Plastic Materials

As one of the largest manufacturers on the west coast, our large buying volume often gives us the opportunity to purchase materials at the absolute best price you will find for a custom manufacturer. We offer extruded parts in a large variety of materials and can help you determine the material that will work best for your part. Your part should perform well for your application, have a long life and help your company continue to be successful.

Rigid PVCPlastic Pellets Manufacturing Tubing

Flexible PVC

TPV (Santoprene)













We can also create custom compounds when you need something unique and creative. We have the ability to create materials that will give off a modest glow, and extruded parts that have a strong resistance to UV so are excellent for outdoor usage.

All parts can be cut to any size you want, and hot melt tape (pressure sensitive adhesive) can be applied if your extruded part needs to be adhered to another fixture.

With industry-best customer service and a support team based entirely in the United States, know that you will be able to talk through all the specifics of even your toughest plastic extrusion project – and have it delivered right the first time.

As a family-owned business with over half a century of experience creating AS9100 and ISO9001 certified plastic products in the United States for industries of all kinds, including aerospace and military, your team at Vip Rubber and Plastic is here to help you thrive, grow, and not just meet – but exceed – your toughest manufacturing challenges.