Vip Rubber and Plastic Company Is Part Of The Critical Manufacturing Sector - We Can Help!

COVID manufacturing rubber plastic ventilatorAt Vip, we are continuing to manufacture rubber and plastic parts that are hard at work in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We are ready, willing and able to support companies who need components for a multitude of life-saving products including respirators, ventilators, nebulizers, isolation pods, and more.

As a custom manufacturer, we can make parts to meet your specific needs. We can create custom parts in almost any material, size, or shape. Molded and extruded medical parts can be made quickly and with excellent quality. Rubber sheet is available for punching gaskets, or cutting into strips of almost any size.

In this time of urgent need, we are committed to standing strong with all medical suppliers and health care providers. We manufacture custom medical components exclusively in the USA, so you can depend on the fastest possible delivery.

Need Straps For Face Masks?

Vip Rubber Plastic Elastic Bands Straps MaskWe are manufacturing a soft, extruded plastic strap that is perfect for face masks.

Shipped in boxes of 2000′ each, you can easily cut these straps to the exact length needed to fit the mask you are manufacturing.


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COVID-19 Updates

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