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Custom Drip Rails

Custom Drip Rails

Custom drip rails for 3/8” shower door glass have a specialized shape for custom window applications. They are used when there are drainage issues with the mullions, vertical bars between panes of glass that are mainly decorative but that can cause water to pool.

Commercial Glazing Seals for the Shower Door Market

Vip Rubber and Plastic of La Habra, California (USA) makes custom drip rails for 3/8” shower door glass. We do not keep these products in stock for sale to the consumer market but serve the shower door industry. Minimum order quantities apply and lead times may vary. If you are a manufacturer, contact us to discuss your sealing application and to learn more about the custom drip rails that we provide.

Custom Drip Rails for Frameless Showers

Custom drip rails are used in frameless showers that do not require metal supports. These sweep seals or wipe seals, as they are also known, have a 45° deflector that helps to keep water inside the shower enclosure and off the bathroom floor. On the Vip website, these products are plastic extrusion profiles.

Compared to framed showers, seamless showers have doors with thicker panes of tempered glass. Because this glass is not sealed into a frame to prevent leaks, frameless showers need a sweep at the bottom of the door to provide the sealing action.

Flex PVC Custom Drip Rails for 3/8” Shower Door Glass

Vip Rubber and Plastic makes custom drip rails from flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or Flex PVC. This low-cost material can range from clear to opaque and contain different amounts of plasticizers, ingredients that impart rubber-like properties such as flexibility.

The PVC custom drip rails that you can buy from Vip are co-extruded from Flex PVC of different durometers, or hardness. These plastic co-extrusions are made using a single die and have a unified structure. They are sold in coils that are measured in feet and can be fabricated into custom products.