Curtain Wall Gaskets for Architectural Glass and Metal

Vip extrudes rubber and plastic profiles and fabricates curtain wall gaskets for the architectural glass and metal industry. If you are a manufacturer who needs extrusions or gasket fabrication, we invite you to contact us to discuss your sealing application.

Glazing Gaskets

Glazing gaskets are used in compression glazing systems. They provide uniform cushioning along the entire length of window glass and keep the glass at a set distance from the aluminum window frame. Vip supplies standard glazing gasket profiles and customized shapes, so let us know what you need.

If you need a glazing gasket replacement, Vip can fabricate window seals with molded corners. They’re a good choice for higher performance requirements where there’s air infiltration or water penetration. Rubber and plastic materials include silicone, neoprene, EPDM, and Santoprene.

Wedge Gaskets

Like glazing gaskets, wedge gaskets cushion window glass while keeping it at a uniform distance from aluminum framing. They’re available with molded corners and come in the same rubber and plastic materials as glazing gaskets. Extrusions and finished gaskets are both available.

Whether you need a glazing wedge gasket or a double-glazing wedge gasket, it’s important to select a product that forms a watertight seal. Wedge gaskets are typically located on the outside of the joint, and an installer needs to know how to fit a wedge gasket starting with the glass and beads.

Thermal Breaks

Curtain wall frames are usually made of aluminum and extend from a building’s outer face to its inner face. Because aluminum has high thermal conductivity, these frames transfer heat from the outdoors to the interior of the building. Other building materials, such as steel, can also contribute to this heat transfer. For the building owner, the result is increased utility costs to pay for additional cooling.

Vip makes curtain wall components called thermal breaks that are installed between the building’s outer face and its inner face. These energy-efficient components are made of materials, such as EPDM blended rubber, that have a lower thermal conductivity than metal. Because they have this lower conductivity, thermal breaks reduce the heat transfer from the outdoors to the interior of the building. In turn, this can reduce cooling costs.

How to Buy Curtain Wall Gaskets

Vip Rubber and Plastic of La Habra, California is a Made in USA manufacturer of curtain wall gaskets. Minimum order quantities apply and lead time vary, so contact us to discuss your sealing application.

Other Architectural Glass and Metal Products

In addition to curtain wall gaskets, Vip supplies these American-made rubber and plastic products to the architectural glass and metal industry.

Vip also makes plastic extrusion profiles for the door and window industry.