Coolant Hose

Vip Rubber and Plastic custom manufactures coolant hoses in silicone for your needs.  We can produce popular and custom sizes in 3 and 4 plies. Our hoses are polyester reinforced and can be supplied in any cut length up to 6 feet.

Silicone Coolant hoses offer many benefits over rubber.  The biggest benefit is the increased operating temperature as they can carry fluids at a higher temperature range compared to EPDM hoses with a max temperature of up to 350° F.  Our hoses also offer greater flexibility and resilience, reducing risk of splitting, hardening or dry rotting.

Our coolant hoses exceed the SAE J20 R1 hose specifications.  Additional plies and wall thickness in custom requests may affect this.  However, Vip Rubber and Plastic offers testing to help determine the performance level and specifications of the requested hose.

We offer mandrels from 0.250” to 6.00” in 0.125 increments and we produce metric sizes from 38mm to 100mm.  With superior weather resistance against rain, snow, UV exposure, and ozone, as well as high performance in both extremely wet and dry conditions, our hoses have a longer lifespan than those of other materials and add noise and vibration damping when compared to aluminum hoses.

Coolant Hose Reinforced Silicone Black

Available in black, blue, cherry and brick red and in either matte or gloss finish, we can even add custom logos or markings as required.  Contact Vip Rubber and Plastic to discuss your hose requirements and let us leverage 50 years’ experience to keep your customer’s cooling systems working in optimum condition for years to come.