Compression Seals for Architectural Glass and Metal

Vip extrudes rubber and plastic profiles and fabricates compression seals for the architectural glass and metal industry. This product category also includes expansion joint gaskets. If you are a manufacturer who needs extrusions or gasket fabrication, we invite you to contact us to discuss your application.

Compression Seals

Elastomeric seals are used on adjacent walls or surfaces, typically where there is significant foot traffic. Santoprene is a common material of construction, and this compound comes in both standard and custom colors. Gasketing materials from Vip can be supplied in cost-effective continuous lengths, or we can fabricate them into finished gaskets that arrive ready-to-install.

Expansion Joint Gaskets

Expansion joint gaskets provide a flexible connection point between concrete or cement structures. They are used in seismic zones, especially for interior and exterior walls. Materials of construction include silicone, neoprene, EPDM, Santoprene, TPE, and PVC. If you’re looking for a compression joint seal or compression seal fitting, ask Vip for assistance.

How to Buy Compression Seals

Vip Rubber and Plastic of La Habra, California is a Made in USA manufacturer of compression seals and expansion joint gaskets. Minimum order quantities apply and lead times vary, so contact us to discuss your sealing application. We can provide you with finished products or coils of rubber, plastic, or TPE.

Other Architectural Glass and Metal Products

In addition to expansion joint gaskets, Vip supplies these American-made rubber and plastic products to the architectural glass and metal industry.

Vip also makes plastic extrusion profiles for the door and window industry.