color matching

Color-matching can be a very important part of the manufacturing process. Rubber extrusions may need to match well with its fixture, or you may have a plastic extrusion or molded rubber part that will be used for display and needs to blend nicely. Many companies also use rubber sheet in different colors for cutting gaskets and creating seals or O-rings. At Vip, we have a long history of color-matching parts to your exact requirement. We are able to match all colors, including white, black and clear.

color plastic and rubberIn order to make sure your part is exactly what you need, it is helpful to provide a Pantone number. A sample with the specific color needed is also helpful in the color-matching process.

To find the color you need, explore Pantone’s official color finder. Be sure to let your customer service team know you need a color-match, and be advised there may be an additional charge for this service.