Co-Extruded Bottom Drip Seals | Plastic Extrusion Profiles

Co-extruded bottom drip seals for shower doors help keep water inside the shower enclosure and off the bathroom floor. They are extruded from different materials, or the same material in different durometers, to form a single extrusion. Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process that forces material through a die.

In the shower door market, co-extruded bottom drip seals are used mainly in specialty applications. They can accommodate 1/4” glass and have a Y-shaped appearance with a leg, or lip, that prevents the passage of water. These seals are designed to be durable and can resist heat, humidity, and immersion in water.

Commercial Glazing Seals for the Shower Door Market

Vip Rubber and Plastic of La Habra, California (USA) co-extrudes shower door bottom drip seals; however, we do not keep these products in stock. Minimum order quantities apply. Lead times may vary. If you are a shower door manufacturer, we invite you to contact us to discuss your application.

Co-Extruded PVC Drip Seals for Shower Door Bottoms

Co-extruded shower door bottom drip seals are usually made of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or Flex PVC. This more flexible form of vinyl, as PVC is sometimes called, contains chemicals called plasticizers that impart rubber-like properties for flexing, twisting, and bending.

PVC also resists chemicals and disinfectants, both of which are used to clean shower doors and enclosures. On the Vip website, co-extruded bottom drip seals for shower doors are grouped with plastic extrusion profiles. Since this is a specialty item, we also offer standard shower door bottom drip seals.

Installing Shower Door Bottom Drip Seals

Some shower doors have a large gap between the door and the floor. That’s why it’s important to measure the size of this space before ordering a seal, or a shower door sweep. Most bottom drip seals for shower doors are not deep since they are designed to fill a small gap.