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Celebrating Rocky’s 30-Year Anniversary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median number of years that employees have worked for their current employer is about 4 years. Vip Rubber & Plastic isn’t just an employer, however. We’re more like a family. So, when Victor (Rocky) Tovar marked his 30th year with us recently, it was time for a celebration.

Rocky has always been known as our resident “baritone opera singer,” and now it’s our turn to sing his praises. “Victor just has the biggest, kindest heart you could ever image,” a co-worker told us recently. “He’s just a great guy.” On behalf of the entire Vip family, we salute Rocky for his service, thank him for his loyalty, and hope you’ll enjoy these pictures from his celebration.


Left: Victor, our champion, hoists a Rocky Balboa water bottle.

Right: Rocky receives a special pin, a token of our appreciation.

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