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Silicone vs. Neoprene Rubber in Defense and Aerospace

What you need to know about silicone vs. Neoprene rubber for demanding applications. Silicone and polychloroprene (also known as Neoprene) rubber resist ozone, oxygen, water and weather. They’re supplied as sheets and extrusions, which often are fabricated into seals, and are also molded into parts. These synthetic elastomers have many similar properties, but silicone and […]

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Our Succession Plan – An Exciting Future

Vip Rubber and Plastic Announces Retirements and 3rd Generation Succession Bernardyne Campana named President of Vip Rubber and Plastic. Albert Perez named Vice President of Aerospace Cindy LeClair named Vice President of Marketing. Martin Perez named Technical Expert Howard Vipperman to step down as President and will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board […]

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Rubber Sheet Prices

Need fast pricing? Our rubber sheet price list can help. As most of you know, we are a custom manufacturer, which means we don’t stock items to sell off the shelf.  Our manufacturing begins when our customers place an order for their unique item. Pricing is almost always different because shapes, profiles, and sizes are […]

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Training Employees Through A “University” Style Program

At Vip, we work hard at continuously improving all areas of business. Our employees are a huge part of making sure we manufacture high-quality parts that meet our customers need. To improve overall quality, we have created Vip University which will allow employees to train in different areas, essentially receive “degrees” for that training. Vip University […]

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Which Elastomer Is Best For Your Project | Find Out Now

Understanding Polymers In Custom Manufacturing A basic understanding of polymers can be incredibly helpful when creating a new part from rubber or plastic. It is important to choose the right material to ensure product performance and longevity. It takes many years of experience to reach “expert” status in the rubber and plastic industry. With over […]

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Central Vacuum Pipe Manufacturing

Quality American Supplier of Central Vacuum Pipe Central vacuum pipe is used with all residential central vacuum systems, and is an important part of creating a long-lasting product that works well for your customers. Central vac pipe differs from plumbing grade tubing and typically is manufactured with a 2” outside diameter (OD). Central vacuum pipe […]

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Storing Rubber And Plastic Parts | 5 Tips You Need To Know

Summer is in full swing across the nation and temperatures are rising. Both rubber and plastic can be reactive to changes in the environment, making storage critically important for maintaining the integrity of your parts. Several factors such as exposure to oxygen, ozone, light, heat, humidity, oils, water, or other solvents can affect the performance […]

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A Manufacturing Company With A Community Heart

Oh how I love community! There is no better feeling than giving back to the people and places that give so much to you. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned we had been asked to assist in manufacturing parts for an exhibit at the La Habra Children’s Museum, located right around the […]

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The Truth About Custom Manufacturing

In a one-size-fits-all world, where immediate returns and instant gratification rule, some things are worth waiting for. Some things must be planned, well- designed, carefully crafted and handled with care. This is particularly true when it comes to the custom manufacturing process. Of course, many items are standard, and an off-the-shelf item may work perfectly […]

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