• October 13, 2022
  • Cindy LeClair
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    • Vip Rubber To Exhibit at Glass Build Show 2022

      Come See Us At The Glass Build Show

      Vip Rubber and Plastic is pleased to announce that we’re exhibiting at GlassBuild America in Las Vegas,
      Nevada from October 18 to 20, 2022 (Booth #8174). It’s the largest trade and networking event for the
      glass, window, and door industry in the Western Hemisphere.

      How We Help The Glass Industry

      Vip makes rubber and plastic extrusions for glass enclosures, windows, displays, shower doors, and more. Our products include bulb seals, setting blocks, glazing beads and seals, U-channels, drip seals and rails, and snap-on rounds – just to name a few.

      Visitors to the Vip booth at GlassBuild America can talk to our team and learn how we solve customer

      For example, when Monsanto first released Santoprene™, a thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV),
      Vip quickly recognized its benefits and shared the material’s specifications with our customers.

      Santoprene™, a vulcanized ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber in a polypropylene (PP)
      thermoplastic matrix, behaves like a rubber but has the processing and recycling advantages of plastics.

      Santoprene™ also has good compression set, better high and low temperature resistance than EPDM,
      and strong resistance to sunlight. In addition, this thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) can resist high heat
      (302°F) with very little change in its physical properties. During extended testing (1,000 hours), it is also
      superior to EPDM. Importantly, TPVs like Santoprene™ can be processed in a plastic extruder. Plus, the
      scrap can be reground and reused to reduce waste.

      Vip can create almost any standard or custom extruded plastic profile needed.

      Solutions in Action

      Dean Gillespie, Vice President of Technical Sales, at Vip Rubber, was excited to learn about this TPV
      when it first became available. Dean shared the specs with an architectural engineer who worked for
      one of the nation’s largest banks. The engineer approved the material for a bank project in Torrance,
      California. Dean also shared Santoprene™ details with a provider of architectural glass façade systems
      and with a supplier of architectural building products.

      Since then, Vip has extruded TPV glazing seals for countless commercial construction projects. From
      curtain walls and storefronts to architectural windows and skylights, we’ve provided weather-resistant
      sealing solutions to customers across the country and around the world – and in some challenging

      To learn how we can help you, visit Vip at GlassBuild America in Booth #8174. Or just shoot us an email team@viprubber.com

      You can also fill out the form below for help

      • October 11, 2022
      • Cindy LeClair
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        • Remembering Steve Prog

          Steve Prog Memorial


          We are beyond saddened to announce the passing of Steven M Prog who was a integral part of the Vip Rubber and Plastic family. He was with us for several decades and a cornerstone of wisdom, enthusiasm and positivity. Steve was an absolute joy to work with and we all were so lucky to have known him.

          If you’ve ever worked with Steve, you know his work ethic was phenomenol and his desire to help even more amazing. He always put everyone else’s interest before his own.


          Please keep Steve’s family in your thoughts and prayers, and may we always remember what a wonderful man he was.

          Please enjoy this video of Steve

          We are holding a memorial for Steve on Saturday, October 15th in Orange County. If you would like to attend, please contact Cindy LeClair for more information.

          • March 10, 2022
          • VIP Rubber & Plastic
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            • Celebrating Rocky’s 30-Year Anniversary

              According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median number of years that employees have worked for their current employer is about 4 years. Vip Rubber & Plastic isn’t just an employer, however. We’re more like a family. So, when Victor (Rocky) Tovar marked his 30th year with us recently, it was time for a celebration.

              Rocky has always been known as our resident “baritone opera singer,” and now it’s our turn to sing his praises. “Victor just has the biggest, kindest heart you could ever image,” a co-worker told us recently. “He’s just a great guy.” On behalf of the entire Vip family, we salute Rocky for his service, thank him for his loyalty, and hope you’ll enjoy these pictures from his celebration.


              Left: Victor, our champion, hoists a Rocky Balboa water bottle.

              Right: Rocky receives a special pin, a token of our appreciation.

              • March 6, 2022
              • VIP Rubber & Plastic
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                • Meet Lynn Knight

                  Vip is pleased to introduce Lynn Knight as our new Sales Representative for Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Lynn also handles some accounts in California.

                  Lynn lives in Lakewood, California, and has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry with roles in sales management. He’s a native of Dallas, Texas, but moved to the Golden State in 1989 with what he calls “a California dream”. Lynn’s father, who was also a salesman, taught his son some important lessons.  “He taught me that if you don’t know, find out,” Lynn says, and “that customers come first, and to treat everyone with respect”.

                  Lynns enjoys working with people and looks forward to the opportunity to take care of their business needs while building professional relationships. When he’s not working, Lynn enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, and a two-year-old grandson. He’s also a football fan and enjoys fishing and camping.

                  Please join us in welcoming Lynn. Here’s his contact information.

                  Lynn Knight | Sales Representative
                  Phone: 949-444-4042
                  Email Lynn

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                    • Vip Students Complete TLARGI’s Basic Rubber Technology Course

                      Five members of the Vip team recently completed a 14-week “Basic Rubber Technology Course” provided by The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI). Adrian, Andie, Edwin, Louis, and Michael are some of the latest graduates from a course with a framework that dates back to 1934, when Ray Stringfield taught a “Rubber Technology” course at the University of Southern California (USC).

                      For the past 70 years, this elastomer training program has been a key part of TLARGI’s technical education efforts. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the most recent course was held online on Thursdays from 4 to 6 PM (PT) from October 14, 2021, and ending on January 27, 2022. RDAbbott’s Technology Fellow Rick Ziebell and AETS Rubber Technologist Matt Rogers were the course instructors.

                      TLARGI’s “Basic Rubber Technology Course” provides a comprehensive introduction to the following topics:

                      • Designing with rubber
                      • Formulating with rubber
                      • Compounding with rubber
                      • Fabricating with rubber
                      • Mold design and manufacturing with rubber*
                      • Testing with rubber

                      Additional topics include a rubber industry overview and history, silicone rubber, rubber-to-substrate bonding, recycling, latex, foam/sponge, mold building, and rubber test methods.

                      Vip celebrates the recent graduation of Adrian, Andie, Edwin, Louis, and Michael. Cheers!

                      • November 18, 2021
                      • Cindy LeClair
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                        • Employees Celebrate Vip’s Anniversary At Knott’s Berry Farm

                          All Vip Employees and Families Invited To Knott's Berry Farm

                          Sixty years in business is quite an accomplishment and much of it we owe to our fantastic employees. To honor their hard work, we invited our entire workforce of almost 200 employees, and their families, to enjoy a day at Knott’s Berry Farm.

                          Knott’s is a local theme park located in Buena Park, California, about 20 minutes away from Vip Rubber and Plastic’s custom manufacturing plant. We wanted to do something really fun, inclusive and easy for employees to attend if they chose to.

                          If you don’t know what Knott’s is, you probably did not grow up in Southern California. Knott’s has been a staple in the community for many decades. According to their website, they describe themselves this way.

                          Vip Rubber Plastic Knott's Berry Farm

                          “Knott’s Berry Farm is a world-renowned theme park built from the humblest of beginnings. What started as a small berry farm soon began to grow into a family theme park destination thanks to famous fried chicken dinners, boysenberries and an Old West Ghost Town. Knott’s Berry Farm now bursts with attractions and entertainment for all ages, including first-class roller coasters, stage shows, interactive experiences, delicious food creations and family-friendly fun featuring Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. The once small family farm has grown into today’s family fun destination; home to the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark and Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.

                          Several of our employees sent photos back and were very grateful for the chance to go. And of course it was our pleasure to give back to them, and gave us much joy to see their smiling faces. We truly appreciate our skilled employees who work hard to help make our company successful. Being a family owned and operated company means we see our employees as family too.

                          “Thank you very much! That was a very thoughtful way to celebrate the VIP legacy. We had a great day.” ~ Darren Marcoux – outside sales rep for the South Orange County and San Diego area.

                          “Thank you Vip, we had a very fun day at Knott’s Berry Farm” ~ Tony Valencia, Manufacturing
                          “Yes, thank you thank you! We had a very good time.  They still have the vintage photo area where you can dress up like the old times” ~ Christina Martinez, Customer Service Aerospace
                          • October 4, 2021
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                            • Cheers To Sixty Years

                              Manufacturing Custom Parts For Six Decades

                              Vip Rubber Plastic Sixty Year Anniversary

                              My how time flies when you’re having fun! And we have been having fun.

                              For sixty years we have been able to create custom rubber and plastic parts for our customers in all industries, across the globe. As a family owned and operated company, we have had the opportunity to stay close to our roots while continuing to expand into new markets. We have connected our customers with parts that lend to their success, and those customers have also become our friends.

                              Vip was founded by Howard Winifred Vipperman in 1961 and began as a rubber manufacturing company. Over time, his son Howard Wayne Vipperman took the reins and successfully ran the company for several more decades. We have enjoyed becoming a more diverse company, adding plastic extrusion, molded rubber, rubber sheet, plastic pipe, tubing, and splicing to our list of capabilities. Also, stepping up our quality management system, we passed the AS9100 audit with flying colors and now work with the biggest names in aerospace and defense.

                              Despite our rapid growth, we still pride ourselves on treating customers well, being friendly and helpful, and continuing to manufacture exclusively in the Unites States of America.

                              Chairman of the board Howard Wayne Vipperman puts it this way, “Our company has been a family operation from the start. I am so blessed to have been here from the beginning. It is also pleasing to see the third and fourth generation taking an interest in the business”.

                              Kathy LeClair, chief financial officer, echoes her brother’s words saying, “We have always
                              considered our customers and employees to be part of our family. I have watched
                              get married, start families, and celebrate as their children go on to graduate high school and go to college. I’m so happy we have several generations of our own family and our employees, working for us now.”

                              Vip isn’t limited to just manufacturing either, we love to to support our community, sponsoring local sports teams and businesses, non-profit organizations and the US Armed Forces.

                              Cindy LeClair, VP of marketing, states “We have always supported our country, continuing to manufacture solely in the USA. Despite the challenges of competing with overseas markets and pricing, we continue to evolve because we will not compromise quality for profit. I am proud of our company’s ethical and honest treatment of our customers and their needs.”

                              Over the past sixty years, Vip has highly talented, knowledgeable, and wise employees on the team.

                              Recently, the leadership baton was been passed to the highly capable, newly installed, President
                              Bernardyne (Deena) Gillesepie. She understands she has big shoes to fill but is certainly up for the
                              challenge. “It is an honor and a privilege to be in a position to lead our company into
                              the next 60 years of existence,” Deena says. She continues on, “My heart and soul lie
                              in this legacy, and I’m so proud of everything we have made it through and
                              everything we have accomplished. We are a company filled with people that care,
                              care about our company and our country. We will continue to Proudly manufacture
                              right here in the United States of America for another 60 years and beyond.”

                              We want to express our sincerest appreciation to every single customer and employee who has come through our doors. Without you, we would not have reached this milestone.

                              • September 16, 2020
                              • Cindy LeClair
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                                • Thomas LeClair

                                  The Vip Family Has Lost A Great Man

                                  It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our VP of Sales, Tom LeClair.  On July 13, 2020, surrounded by family, Tom took his last breath. The loss is massive, and he will be greatly missed.

                                  Tom was our VP of Sales

                                  Tom LeClair

                                  Tom was the husband of Kathy LeClair, our CFO, and the daughter of Vip’s founder Howard Vipperman Senior. Tom met Kathy at a party and instantly fell in love. They married in March of 1968. Tom was deeply loved by his three daughters, had 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. He was devoted to his family, worked hard, and made everyone feel special.

                                  If you knew Tom, you know he was very charismatic and witty. He could always see the humor in situations and was very fun to be around.

                                  Tom was the VP of sales at Vip, and was such a talented salesman. His customers were his friends. He always did what was best for the customer rather than looking to make a profit. He was a relationship builder who ultimately brought in some of the largest accounts that Vip has. He was instrumental in the success of the company.

                                  Tom has left a void that can never be filled, but he will forever be remembered. His imprint on Vip is woven into the foundation of the company. We were fortunate to have with us for so long.

                                  Tom Was Also.... My Dad

                                  Tom and Cindy

                                  On a more personal note, Tom was not only an employee, but he was also my dad.

                                  As you know, Vip is family-owned and operated. Part of the second generation of leadership, my dad helped our business thrive and provided us (the third generation) with a legacy to continue.

                                  Dad loved my two sisters and me with all of his heart, and we certainly felt the same about him. He was always there for us girls and even attempted to put our hair in ponytails a few times. That didn’t work so well! He managed to make it through raising three teenage girls and somehow came out still sane. That’s no easy feat!

                                  Tom Kathy LeClair Vip Rubber

                                  His one true love was my mom. He respected her and knew he had a good woman by his side. Every day at 11:30am, he would walk downstairs to my mom’s office at Vip and take her out to lunch. He enjoyed spending time with her, she was a huge part of his world. It was adorable to watch.

                                  An avid golfer, my dad was often found on the golf course – and he was a good player! I remember playing with him and being frustrated because, well, I am not a good player. He said, “Cindy, don’t keep score, it will be more fun for you.” He was so right. I have not kept score since. I’m still not very good, but I have a lot more fun.

                                  And, fitting for his silly personality, if anyone called and got his voicemail, it said, “I can’t answer the phone, but I assure you I am not on the golf course.” And, of course, we all knew where he was. His sense of humor was great.

                                  A True USC Football Fan

                                  LeClair Family USC

                                  My dad loved many things but was REALLY passionate about USC Football. In fact, he was often referred to as “Tommy Trojan”.

                                  Dad either watched or attended all of the games. He and my mom often traveled around the country to be there for the away games. His collection of USC memorabilia is vast. There is an entire game room at my parent’s house devoted to USC with matching curtains and all!

                                  Everyone knew not to make other plans during a USC game. His team spirit and love for the game brought our family closer. We are all USC fans and have had so much fun watching together.

                                  Germen Shepard Rescue Support

                                  When my dad was in the Army, he trained German Shepard dogs. They were his favorite breed.

                                  He was very active with the Orange County German Shepard Rescue, helping many dogs find homes. An extremely generous man, he certainly brought a lot of great things to this organization.

                                  Honoring Tom

                                  Many people have asked how they can support our family and honor Tom during this time. I know my dad would be thrilled to know the German Shepard Rescue continued to benefit in his absence. We have created a fundraiser in his honor, and you are welcome to join in if you feel led to do so.

                                  The fundraiser is on the Facebook page of my sister Stacey. You can access it via the link below.

                                  If you prefer to send a check, they can be mailed to

                                  German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County
                                  120 Tustin Avenue Suite C-1111
                                  Newport Beach, CA 92663
                                  *In memory of Thomas LeClair

                                  Losing a father is so difficult, and it has taken me several months to be able to write this post. I am sure many of you can relate. But, without grief, we would never get to experience joy. My family and I will cherish his memory, and he will live on in our hearts.

                                  As we continue on as a company and a family, we will echo the famous words of the USC Trojans….. We will “Fight On!”

                                  Please feel free to leave a comment on this post, we would certainly love to hear from you. We love to hear stories from customers who knew him, and just hear from our customers, vendors and friends in general. You are also part of our family.

                                  Cindy LeClair Vip Rubber and Plastic Company

                                  Cindy LeClair is the Vice President of Marketing at Vip Rubber and Plastic Company
                                  Proud to be a part of the third generation of family ownership, Cindy and has over 12 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. She is passionate about helping others and aims to educate and connect customers with the right resources.
                                  If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out. cindy@viprubber.com

                                  • May 1, 2020
                                  • Cindy LeClair
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                                    • A Note From Cindy

                                      As a custom manufacturer of rubber & plastic, my family company, Vip Rubber & Plastic Company, is part of the global community helping to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We are actively manufacturing multiple custom components used in critical medical applications like ventilators, respirators, nebulizers, oxygen chambers, and emergency supplies. Specifically, we are making gaskets, pump seals, IV tubing, straps, bumpers, and many other rubber and plastic parts being sent out to the medical field. Our goal is to do as much as we can to help furiously fight against this deadly virus. Identified as an essential and critical manufacturing entity by Homeland Security, we will continue to make all parts without disruption to our process.

                                      As a third-generation family member, I always love being a part of Vip, but right now, I feel so proud of our company and employees. It can be very difficult to watch this COVID-19 pandemic unfold and feel unable to help. We have the privilege of being a part of the solution. I’ve been able to witness our loyal and dedicated employees bravely showing up each day, following stringent safety protocol, and actively participating in saving lives. 

                                      I’m especially grateful for 2nd generation of leadership, which includes my mom Kathy, my dad Tom, and two uncles Howard and Dean, who have successfully carried our company on their shoulders for 60 years. My grandma and grandpa started this company in 1961, and I know they would be incredibly proud of what we are doing today. 

                                      As this virus quickly progresses and the economy dramatically fluctuates, I pray that we can stand strong through this time, continuing to contribute in such a profound way. And we sincerely want the same for all other essential businesses playing their own role. 

                                      My heart goes out to all of you who have been affected by this pandemic. For those of you who have suddenly been thrust into unemployment, for anyone experiencing illness, having a difficult time with isolating, or experiencing grief as we watch the world suffer. May we stand firm in faith, love, and support for each other.

                                      May we continue to manufacture hope and help the world recover.Cindy LeClair Vip Rubber and Plastic COVID face mask

                                      Much love,

                                      Cindy LeClair
                                      VP Marketing

                                      Updated 5.1.2020 – we are open and manufacturing without any disruption.

                                      Cindy LeClair is the Vice President of Marketing at Vip Rubber and Plastic Company in California. Cindy is in the third generation of family ownership and has over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. She is passionate about helping others and aims to educate and connect customers with the right resources. Should you want to get to know Vip Rubber and Plastic better as a potential supplier, do not hesitate to reach out to us. team@virpubber.com

                                      • March 19, 2020
                                      • Cindy LeClair
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                                        • COVID-19 | No Interruption In Manufacturing

                                          To the global Vip family,


                                          There will be no impact to our on time performance. 


                                          We want all of our customers, vendors, employees, and friends to know we have dedicated ourselves to extreme virus prevention and safety in all departments. We certainly understand the severity of this situation and the delicate balance of protecting our employees as we continue to manufacture the parts our customers need. We are continually adapting our internal procedures to meet the needs of the entire Vip family. Your safety is paramount and is our highest priority. 



                                          We consider our customers to be part of our family. And as such, our hearts go out to anyone who is suffering, in any way, from this virus. As a company, we have implemented a stringent safety protocol to provide multiple layers of protection for our customers. Our commitment to consistently cleaning and sanitizing machines, materials, and workstations will help to eliminate potential risks. Also, our employees are adhering to procedures to keep everyone safe as they prepare, manufacture, and ship your products as scheduled. 

                                          The most effective way to minimize the risk of the virus’s transmission is to adhere to the idea of social distancing. We ask that our customers and employees postpone any nonessential on-site meetings, or move to a virtual platform. We have specific technology in place to meet your needs via phone, email, and video conferencing. If an in-person meeting is necessary, we have steps in place to ensure everyone’s safety. We ask that recent travel history be discussed, handshaking eliminated, and of course, handwashing, which is one of the most effective defenses against virus spread.



                                          We will continue to quote projects, receive new and repeat orders, and manufacture just like we have since 1961. We are in constant communication with our supply chain to stay ahead of any potential changes that may affect our manufacturing process. As of today, our vendors are operating at a high-level capacity. They are successfully responding to this fluid situation with strength and commitment. You can trust that Vip is manufacturing products as scheduled and shipping on time. 



                                          Our network of vendors is doing a remarkable job of providing Vip with the necessary materials and supplies needed to avoid any interruption in manufacturing. We are grateful to them for their consistency and dedication. Anyone delivering materials to Vip will follow the upgraded protocol in place, which includes handwashing and sanitizing when entering the premises. Soap, water, and sanitizing products are readily accessible at all points of entry, including shipping and receiving. We ask that on-site vendor interaction be limited as much as possible. Communication will remain a high priority as we use virtual platforms to stay connected.



                                          Our employees are the heartbeat of our company, and we are doing everything we can to keep them safe and healthy. We believe in a calm, and rational response threaded with common sense and wisdom. We will follow the recommendations of the CDC internally by asking our employees to take their temperatures and refrain from coming to work if a fever, or cough, is present. All employees have access to handwashing stations and ample sanitizing products. Also, our offices are consistently being cleaned and disinfected to ensure a clean work environment. As a company, we will do everything possible to protect and support our employees.



                                          As this situation evolves, we will adapt. In our 60 years of manufacturing, we have weathered many storms, and we will do it again. Vip is a reliable and stable company that is ready to meet adversity with wisdom. In the words of Henry Ford, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” We are ready.


                                          More Information

                                          If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact us at team@viprubber.com or call 800-722-4847. Thank you for your continued business. We are in this together!


                                          Cindy LeClair

                                          VP Marketing

                                          Vip Rubber & Plastic Company