The Experts Have Spoken…

Our Vip team of experts want to provide the exact quote and product you need without any complications. We have put together a list of the most important things to consider when asking for a quote, or placing an order!

quick tip infographicProvide a sample if available

Do you have a sample part? Send it in to us! This is one of the best ways we can provide a quote that matches your production goals.

Provide a fit, form and function part

Does your part go into something? Send us the structure the part will go into. When we have the structure, we can make certain your production part will work!

Provide a quantity for molded parts

Rubber molding requires tooling, which can have one single cavity, or many cavities. Cost typically goes down when there are multiple cavities in a mold because we can produce more parts in less time. So, be sure to always let us know how many parts you need molded so we can help make the job faster and more efficient.

Tell us about the environment your part will be used in

Rubber and plastic materials will react differently depending on when and where it is used. Will the part see water? Will it be in the sun? Does it need to resist abrasion? Be sure to give us all the details so our experts can assist with design and material choice.

Does your part need to meet a spec?

Many parts need to be manufactured out of Mil-spec, ASTM, AMS, BMS or other spec material. However, many parts can be made with commercial (non-spec) material. Commercial compounds can cost less and will perform great. Definitely let us know if the material needs to meet a spec or not, so we can help with choosing a material that is best for your part. We are able to run many materials to meet your specifications.

Does your part have a unique name?

If you give us the part name for your product at the time of quoting, we will note it in our system. This will allow us to find your job easier and faster!

Are you using your own, customer-supplied, material?

If so, be sure to fill out the customer supplied material form and send it with your order! This will save time in order processing and get your job out to production faster.

Plan for manufacturing variances

Manufacturing is not an exact science, so variances in quantity are to be expected. We have a 10% +/- variance, which means the quantity you order may be under or over by 10%. It is important to keep this in mind when ordering!

Consider lead times

Lead times are the time it takes to receive, process, review, manufacture, inspect and ship your part. We run multiple shifts around the clock to meet customer demand, however manufacturing does take time. Be sure to check with sales or customer service to confirm your lead times, and remember, there may be some fluctuations in the quoted lead time.

Need your product by a certain date?

Be sure to indicate that on your order, but double check the date when the order confirmation is sent back to you. We set lead times at the soonest possible time and do not want to mislead our customers by setting a completion date that is not obtainable. When your order confirmation is returned to you, double check the due date so you know what the pending schedule is.

Check the date your part was quoted

Our quotes are good for 90 days. Material prices fluctuate, and processing times can vary. Please be sure to get a new quote for your part if it is has been more than 90 days since the last one. Checking for updated pricing will significantly speed up the process of getting your part into production!

Do you have flow down requirements?

Let us know right away if you have quality flow down requirements so we can confirm we are able to effectively meet all of your requirements. Doing this in advance will help your order get out to manufacturing quickly and without any issues!

Is your part going to be used out of the country?

With the new ITAR regulations in place, it is critically important to let us know if your part will be exported. We are well trained and educated in ITAR procedure, so we can help with this process.

Need a color match?

If your part needs to be a certain color, it is best to send us a sample with the color you want, or to provide a Pantone number. Colors rendered over computers will often show different shades. We want to get that color exactly how you want it!