A Word From The Executive Team

Deena Campana


“I am honored to be a part of this company. As a highly technical person, it is exciting to bring cutting-edge technology to Vip which will help our customers gain the leading edge they need to be successful.”

Howard Vipperman

Chairman Of The Board

“In all business decisions, I ask the question, ‘What kind of company would I like to do business with?’
I try to imagine being the customer and make decisions from that viewpoint.”

Kathy LeClair


“My dad started this business and believed in taking great care of his customers. Like him, I love to see a project come together, ship on time, and keeping our customers happy.”

Thomas LeClair

September 16, 1944 - July 13, 2020

“As a salesman, I always try to be a mediator, looking for what is best for both my customers and my company. My customers are more than just customers, they are also my friends.”

Cindy LeClair

VP Marketing

“I am proud to be part of the third generation at Vip. The company, our employees and, especially our customers, are very dear to my heart. My goal is to make sure our customers know they are family.”

Dean Gillespie

VP Technical Sales

“I’ve been at Vip for 54 years. Our attitude has always been to give the best quality & service possible, remembering the most important person in our company… the customer!”

Albert Perez

VP+ Aerospace Division

“Aerospace is a field where we are constantly evolving and making major strides. I am excited to be a part of this company, where we create new and innovative parts every day for our customers.”

Peter Joneleit

VP Global Strategic Operations

“I am committed to keeping an eye on the changing global market demand for high quality manufacturing and am ready to meet the wide variety of my customer’s requirements around the world.”

Brent Westbrook

Sales Manager

“I enjoy helping our customers find solutions. It’s a great experience to see first-hand how our customers use the products we manufacture in such a wide range of applications…I’m always amazed.”