vip rubber employee

VIP Rubber and Plastic is a third-generation family company, successfully providing custom solutions for over 50 years. We consider our employees to be family, and many have been with us for 30 + years. Loyalty runs strong at VIP – we believe our employees are every bit as important as our customers. Explore the departments inside our solid infrastructure.

Sales Team

The VIP sales team department is focused completely on helping our customers succeed. Knowledgeable, ethical and friendly are just a few words that describe us. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations in every way, and we will not rest until you have exactly what you need. It is our job to make your job easier!

Outside Sales Reps are available for personal visits, brainstorming, problem-solving, technical advisement, pricing issues, and just about any other item you need assistance with before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Outside sales will watch the order process and make sure things continue to flow, and that orders are on-target and on-time. The sales team is traveling often, visiting customers across the nation, attending trade shows and continuing education seminars. They are always available via cell phone and email, and shoot for a quick turn-around response.

Customer Service

Our customer service department was created for one reason…to service our customers! We work hard to make sure we respond quickly, with the correct information, giving our customers exactly what they need to be successful. We consider our customers to be our friends, and love being a part of their business. Helping others is our passion.

In an effort to be available for our east coast customers, VIP is now open at 6:30am PST.

Customer Service Reps are in place to meet your day-to-day needs, including managing RFQs, order placement, follow-up, general questions and any other details that might arise. There is someone in our office from 6:30am to 5:00pm (PST) to take your call. The customer service department representatives are headquartered in our La Habra, CA facility, and are consistently available for calls. They work as a team, so if your customer service rep is not available, another one can help you. If you need immediate assistance, this is


VIP Rubber and Plastic has the absolute best production department in the country with over 200 years of combined experience to bring your part into reality.

Production is the realization stage of the manufacturing process where your part is created on-time and with the highest quality standards. In our eyes, you, the customer, are our focus everyday and are the reason for our commitment to producing the best part possible.

You can count on us to create, make and deliver your part to your specification, on-time. Challenge us, we can help!


Here at VIP Rubber and Plastic Company, we employ an extremely knowledgeable, full-time, estimating department. Steve Prog, our lead estimator, has been with VIP for over 25 years and is able to provide you with a wide range of solutions which are sure to meet your requirements. We are a solution-based company and enjoy a challenge. Call us with your tough ones.


VIP’s on-site technical director, Martin Perez, heads up one of the best labs in our industry. With a wide range of capabilities, our lab specializes in new compound development.

We assist our customers in choosing the right materials for the job, and developing custom compounds when the need arises. We are prepared to meet any customer requirement. Our lab also has the technology to test for tensile, elongation, modulus, durometer, specific gravity, compression set, fluid resistance, and heat aging. With everything under one roof, VIP makes it easy for our customers to succeed.

Quality Control

Vip Rubber and Plastic is dedicated to providing top quality products and on-time delivery to our customers. Our first guiding principle is: Quality Comes First. To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our products must be our number one priority.  Vip’s quality department is ready to serve you and make sure your part is exactly as you want it.

Order Processing

Our passion is in the fine details, making sure your product is manufactured properly every time. Speed is important and accuracy is our focus. We care about our customers and getting their thoroughly reviewed order out to production quickly.

We are proud of our contribution to our less than 1% rejection rate. We are the front lines and are passionate about getting our customers exactly what they need when they need it.


At VIP Rubber and Plastic Company, our shipping department is both skilled and efficient, shipping most products the same day they are complete. With over 50 years of experience, we can help our customers choose the absolute best shipping method to get parts on time and within budget. We carefully package and label, meeting customer requirements with every shipment.


Allow our experienced and detailed accounting department to take the guess work out and make balancing the books a little bit easier. Our CFO and owner, Kathy LeClair, heads up this department herself. With incredible attention to detail and a friendliness that is so rare in accounting, you and your company are in good hands.  For more information specific to accounting, please contact Lisa Perez.


VIP’s Aerospace capabilities are always advancing through ongoing investment and innovation, and range from simple flat sheeting to complex shapes with fabric reinforcement. Our new vertical extrusion equipment allows us to produce the most complex shapes that would not be possible otherwise. View more about our aerospace department.

Rubber bonding to metals or plastic is not a problem. Material specifications to ASTM-D-2000, MIL-R-6855, AMS, ZZ-R-765 or A-A-59588, and FAR25.853a as well as many others are typical at VIP.